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ALLTRACKS Academy run extensive ski & snowboard instructor courses as well as freeride, backcountry and freestyle camps in Whistler, Canada. Whistler is home to North America's biggest and most varied resort with plenty of terrain for advanced skiers and snowboarders. We provide expert training, accommodation and 24/7 support. If you are a keen skier or snowboarder looking for a constructive but fun gap year or career break, please get in touch.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Alltracks Whistler Level 2 ski instructor programme

All 3 of my children have gone through the Alltracks course after leaving school and each have had an absolute ball. From the outset Paul and his team look after all the details. Paul is extremely responsive and and Guy is on the ground in Whistler making sure that everything goes smoothly. The course itself is excellent and all 3 of the kids passed their level 2 exams. I understand from them that this the pass level through Alltracks is much higher than those going through other academys. This year, my younger 2 had amazing accommodation - I visited over Christmas and was so impressed with the house. It was spacious and had a fully equipped kitchen and nice bathrooms - in a great location. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to those seeking some fun but also gaining a valuable qualification.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Alltracks L1 L2 ski course

I loved this program not only was the administrative work really performant by replying instantly to my e-mails but the course was great! The teachers were really passionate by transmitting us their knowledge and doing the most of it for us to achieve our goals. It was an amazing experience and I was lucky to be surrounded by kind and smiling people. I certainly recommend doing this course it didn't only learned me how to ski but also learned me to live day by day and enjoy the small things that surrounds us.

  • new friendships
  • ski performance
  • parties
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Yes, I recommend this program

Epic ski season

The All Tracks course was the only one of its kind when I was researching to do a ski season. I was looking for a long term course to really improve my skiing having only done a few weeks previously.

While skiing is never cheap, the package deal of season pass, lessons, avalanche courses and accommodation offered pretty good value, especially as semi seasonal accommodation alone in whistler is almost impossible to find.

The instructors were also exceptional, I think the All Tracks courses offer some of the best jobs on the mountain for them and so they have the pick of the bunch. The instructors were all great fun and the weekly cycle of switching instructors through out the course increased my learning immensely as different teaching styles worked for different people.

Support from All Tracks was also amazing with immediate and helpful responses whenever I called or emailed. It was one of the best decisions I've made to go with All Tracks and I made a great group of friends while improving my skiing way beyond what I could ever have hoped. I'm heading back for another season in Whistler this year.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Experience Ever

I joined the Alltracks Academy as a novice skier looking to improve my skills over the 5 week course. I left 11 weeks later qualified as a CSIA Level 2 Ski Instructor and never wanting to leave. Going to Whistler with Alltracks is one of the best decisions I have ever made - my skiing improved in ways that I could not imagine and I had immense fun and made many lifelong friends in the process. This is a result of the breadth of the Alltracks system that Paul and Guy have put together; having organised accommodation of excellent location and quality and being taught by some of the very best instructors Whistler has to offer. In all, I would very much recommend Alltracks to anyone who is looking to improve their skiing in arguably what is the best place in the world.

Yes, I recommend this program

Become an Alltracks Academy Graduate. Safeguard your ski or board future.

Whilst I sit here at Heathrow Airport, beer and laptop at hand, waiting to board yet another long flight to Vancouver for my now annual stint in Whistler, I find myself reflecting on my time out there. You see, I’ve become somewhat of a Whistler Blackcomb fan boy, a regular fixture on both hills, the many bars and fine restaurants, dare I say it, part of the snowy furniture out there. Tomorrow I’ll be standing atop some loved run, steep couloir or snowy bowl I know intimately by now, but for the time being, I simply reflect.

Alltracks Academy is to blame for my annual affliction! OK, I had previously fallen in love with Whistler some five or six years ago, but it was my time on the Alltracks instructor and off-piste combined course that cemented my love affair with this epic corner of the world. I’ve been very fortunate in my ski life to have skied all over the world, spending many weeks in Europe, Canada, the USA and Japan; all that and still, many of my fondest ski memories are found in my time with Alltracks.

I joined Alltracks with quite a bit of ski experience already built up, but boy was I in for a shock. I still had so much to learn. And I did! Easy (well, after a few bouts of self doubt and such, part of the rebuild process, it’s natural). How could I not learn when skiing with some of the top pros in Canada? Seriously, this is one of the things I commend the Alltracks programme for. The level of pros you’re skiing with is immensely top notch. Each and every Alltracks pro I skied with I got on with personally, but more importantly, I was inspired by their skill and ability to imprint their message into my own ski legs. Orchestrated by the truly amazing Guy Hetherington, sporting crush aside (hey, don’t judge till you ski with him!), the team of pros he has put together will be there to inspire you, push you, crush your bad habits (yes, you have them!), and build you into a better skier than you could ever imagine being. Boarders don’t fret, the famous Yuki manages that area and from what I’ve heard, she’s as good as it gets. You’re learning from the cream of the crop here people.

Which brings me to my main point. Quite simply, if you’re serious about your skiing, Alltracks is an investment for your future skiing or boarding. You’ll be cashing this wintry investment in each season that follows. Not only do you improve immeasurably on this programme, they arm you with the tools to continue your development on your own dime. I felt like I left Alltracks the best skier I would ever be, but it’s simply not true. Three seasons passed now and I’m twice the skier I was then (hopefully the coaches would agree…), because I developed the key tools by these top CSIA pros to keep working on myself. I left knowing what could be better, what were my lazy flaws, what my strengths were, how to spot funky goings-on, and so forth. That, for me, is priceless. I paid for an amazing season, a means to improve my skiing, further my experience, add more miles under my skis, have a blast with new found friends, but I left with so much more.

Yep, I left with so much more, for not only did I leave with new skills, my ski future safeguarded for my years to come, but I also amassed a whole bunch of friends for life. Ski buddies for the future. Apres partners in crime. People that all had so much in common, thrown together in an amazing environment to have the best time possible. Legends were made and broken, we had the time of our lives! Believe you me, as a place to call home for a season, Whistler allows for this. It has everything you could want in town. Hey, as I say, I keep coming back, year after year. Never been bored once.

Anyway, stop thinking about, do it. You won’t regret it. Alltracks Academy will take your ski or boarding not only to the next level, but to a level you’re yet to fathom. You’ll party, meet great new people, all in one of the most epic resorts in the world (trust me, I’ve skied most of the contenders). You’ll see the mountains with different eyes, you’ll learn about the “backcountry”, technique, your own level, your own limitations, your own goals. Heck, stop reading my review, ring Paul Beard (he’s very helpful and will always try and accommodate your season hopes and plans) and lay down that deposit. Life’s short, you may as well spend your winters at the top of your game. As I say, safeguard that future. Become an Alltracks graduate. Be the rider you dream of.

Hopefully I’ll see you on these amazing hills in the future. But for now, I best finish this beer, my flight is calling. Whistler beckons… again.. and I’ve a sneaky feeling it won’t be the last time. There’s something rather magical about this place.

What would you improve about this program?
It's excellent as it is. I guess, I would have liked to do even longer. Maybe a more backcountry focused aspect. Oh wait, they've added that...


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Paul Beard

Job Title
Founder & Managing Director
Paul set up Alltracks Academy in 2007 to deliver ski & snowboard training courses to people as passionate about snow sports as he is. Prior to this, Paul was a Captain in the Royal Green Jackets leading an infantry platoon in the British Army and has skied extensively throughout the world.

skiing with Alltracks Academy

What is your favorite travel memory?

I have been fortunate to travel extensively throughout North America, South East Asia, India and Europe so choosing the best is difficult. However, I'd probably go with Heli Skiing in Whistler. For any keen skier - this has to be the ultimate.

Did you take a gap year? If so, where and what inspired you to go?

Yes, of course! I spent the winter doing a ski season in France honing my technique and learning more about backcountry skiing.

After that, I travelled throughout India exploring that magical, mystical land. it was a gap year of huge fun, diverse contrasts.

I went from a full boarding school to much greater freedom in a short space of time and that really helped me to grow up and become much more worldly.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

I wouldn't say that I've changed but I have certainly learned a great deal since working for Alltracks Academy. Meeting people from all over the world is a great education and hearing their perspectives on life is fascinating.

What is your favorite story of a participant's experience in the program?

I think my favorite story is of a past guest who arrived to us an inexperienced snowboarder. He really took to it and went on to work for the Whistler Blackcomb snowboard school for a number of winters.

He has continued to develop and has now gone on to be a member of the ALLTRACKS coaching team.

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

I'd choose the 11-week combined ski instructor and backcountry course. The reason being that I am an avid backcountry skier and can never get enough.

This course gives you a solid technical foundation in your all mountain ski technique before introducing more challenging slopes and teaching people avalanche safety skills. It finishes with a wonderful Heli Ski trip in Whistler.

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

Alltracks Academy always strives to deliver the absolute best and there are many small things that add up to a big difference. However, two concrete examples of what makes us unique are:

1. We are based exclusively at Whistler Blackcomb. This allows us to provide a much higher standard of service to our students as we always have a director in resort as opposed to focusing on lots of different places.

2. We limit training groups to 6 students per ski coach. This allows for far more personal attention and people improve much faster skiing with others of a similar standard.

What is one thing you would tell any future participant in your program?

My advice would be to arrive motivated to get the most out of your gap year. For many people it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do what you love for an extended period. Give it your all, and you will have memories to last a lifetime.