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APAX English launched in Vietnam in May 2015 and has been continuously expanding with over 56 centres in more than 25 cities. Our bold, innovative curriculum and high standards for class quality have raised the bar of English education in Vietnam. Our program began in Korea, as April English, back in 2007. Our focus, then as it is now, is to develop communicative competence in primary and secondary school learners through intrinsic motivation and immersion. In other words, we surround or students with English culture and cultivate a desire in each student to learn English and to express themselves.

Our highly designed program combines cutting edge educational technology, from speech recognition programs to smart boards to e-learning systems, with an exciting focus on creative thinking and expression, from singing and dancing to writing scripts and recording videos with green screen technology. APAX English offers an experience for both students and teachers unlike any other.


APAX English, 14 Lang Ha, 10th Floor, SeABank Building
14 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh district
Hanoi City 100000


Yes, I recommend this program

I taught for APAX for a year, and had - on the whole - a fantastic time. I was a teacher for a while and then became a headteacher for the rest of my contract. Being a teacher when I started and when APAX was quite new to Vietnam was pretty good. It was only in Hanoi and HCMC in 2016, but now it's gotten a lot better and has spread out all over the country, so you can teach in loads of different provinces and cities. It's now probably one of the biggest centres, if not the biggest. Teachers now get two days off instead of one, and the schedule is very manageable on the days you're teaching. There's no lesson planning, you get all the support you need, and your teaching hours are 18 a week. I have friends from and talk to people who work for the other big centres and most say APAX is the best for pay and getting a good experience.

When I became a headteacher, most teachers were great to manage and got on with it. The centre itself was enjoyable to work with too - from the branch manager and sales to the CSOs, and I was lucky to have such great colleagues from when I got to the centre (with a welcoming, decent headteacher) to when I finished up there. All the Vietnamese staff are very supportive and friendly, and they're really fun to work with.

If I'd have carried on teaching I would've looked into moving into the 4.0 program which is newer and focused on older learners, as I got on best with the more advanced classes in April (Sprout and up), and there are fewer than these. For first-time teachers though, and especially if you like teaching kids up to early teens, you won't get a better job with decent pay than this.

What would you improve about this program?
- Upper management should give a bit more transparency to teachers when they know about bad situations affecting the company (like legal changes in Vietnam)
- More early upper level/CTP guidance if possible: I know it's a struggle to get through in training with everything trainees need to know before they teach, but maybe in on-going training this can be covered more (it might've changed since I left)
- The program itself can sometimes get a bit repetitive. I moved onto being a headteacher quite soon after being a teacher, and a lot of teachers enjoy the stability, but maybe a bit more creative freedom would go a long way to making teachers enjoy the lessons more, and the kids remaining engaged and staying on after a term
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Yes, I recommend this program

I have been working at APAX English full-time

- 18 teaching hours a week with a good amount of variety between classes
- At least 2 days off a week and getting more time off is quite easy
- No lesson planning/prep is minimal
- Comparatively high salary; most of my friends in other schools make much less
- Stable and consistent work/scheduling; no last-minute call-outs
- Lots of overtime opportunities if you're into that kind of thing
- Freedom to bring your own content into may of the classes
- Friendly, supportive environment from both management and teachers
- They say that contracts aren't worth the paper they're written on in Southeast Asia; with APAX, there's a real effort to make sure the contract is honored
- Try to accommodate your needs as best they can (if you want to travel mid-contract etc.)

What would you improve about this program?
- Setup costs of moving to another country can be prohibitive and the work permit process can be onerous
- Lots to take in on training week in a short space of time (but the trainers are awesome and make it so much easier and more fun!)
- Can take a little bit of time to get into the swing of it and get comfortable with the schedule, but once you do it's plain sailing



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