Why choose ArtCorps?

During a sabbatical in Central America, Martine Kellett, the Executive Director of New England Biolabs Foundation (NEBF), observed the common struggle her grantees faced as they attempted to stimulate community participation and convey complex environmental and social issues to local groups.

The trustees of this environmentally-focused foundation agreed to create and fund a new program that would integrate the use of art and culture to bridge the divide between local organizations and the communities they serve, and hence, ArtCorps was born. With increased demand for artists from organizations in Central America, ArtCorps began to grow beyond a program within the foundation and established itself as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2006.

Since 2000, ArtCorps has partnered with more than 20 organizations in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to build stronger more sustainable futures.



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