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AUT University was established in 1895 and has transitioned from an excellent polytechnic to become a world ranked university. We are New Zealand’s third largest and fastest growing university – positioned in the top 5% of Universities internationally, with five star ratings for teaching, graduate employability, internationalization, access & facilities. AUT is accredited by the New Zealand Government and globally competitive.


55 Wellesley St E
Auckland 1010
New Zealand


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Yes, I recommend this program

To understand my story it is necessary to explain that back in Germany we have also several campuses and as lucky as I am, I have the possibility to study at the oldest building the university have.

So I arrived in Auckland and was so impressed by the huge building WT building at the corner Queenstreet/Wakefieldstreet/Rutlands Street. Then...when I needed to wait at the main entrance for an appointment and nobody came, I asked google for more of the AUT.

My friend google told me that the main city campus was a few meters further. And than I recognize that the AUT is more than just one building. Okay, maybe my preperation before was weak. I was just so surprised about the campus that I was sending pictures to all my friends and family where I'am going to study. And believe me, if I am looking forward to study everybody is confused, but when they saw the pictures they could understand me. So then after this first impression, my first classes started. I was very nervous, because I was just thinking how I would understand the lecturer . I had 3 courses and after I had understand about 90% of the lecture I was surprised. I mean, I was thinking I'm great ! After I recognized that my lectures are not Kiwi's I understood that I am less great, but it was still fact that my anxiety not to understand them was for nothing. Also I never hear a international student saying, that they can't understand the lecturers.

So the biggest anxiety was gone and there was one more...the social aspect. How I can get friends, what should I talking about ? And that was the third surprise for me. The AUT has such a big and great support for international students. Not only that Kenneth, our abroad supervisor help me every time with all questions, the international students support at the AUT organized the whole semester events for us. So its was easy to meet new people and make friends.The first week was an introduction week. This was the first time you can see all students who are beginning their study and also were new at the university. Not only abroad students.This week was a very big help too. The university inform us about everything what was important for us such medical support at the campus, searching a accommodation, international support, the campus at self and much more. A further very great help for the AUT and for the abroad students are got the get out ! There is a great and strong cooperation between the AUT an got to get out, so the students get the opportunity to meet new people on outdoor trips, while surfing hicking or sailing or do many other things. Sure, everybody can be a part of this trip, but I think I would never know about such trips, if I wasn't a student of AUT. Also many of the trips are currently around Auckland.

So the anxiety not to be social left me fast. One more big and great thing is the facebook group for abroad students. Especially for the beginning it is a great help to find new friends and to ask question to other abroad students. It is such a place where you can find help from people which do the same as you. In particular at the beginning of the semester everybody wants to find new people and many people ask for for others who want to joint them to go out, to drink a beer, to hike, to make a weekend trip. So to sum it up. I came as a freelancer to the AUT, that means that I did not have the support from my home university. But I recognize fast that I do not need it. because the support of the AUT was so strong that it was more then enough. Every question was answered by lecturers, the "supervisor" and the international office on the campus. They even help me to find the right courses, suggested opportunities and even send me my schedule in advance. If I would tell you what you else have at the university it would be to much. This was just short and a bit of this what you get at the AUT. But this is what is very important for abroad students.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience here at AUT has been incredible overall so far, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to study here. I think that living in the Wellesley Student Apartments has been nice for me and it really is a unique environment for international students. The RA's and other students here provide different events to meet students both in a social and academic way. For example, they often host bingo or shared meals in the common area downstairs, but then there are organized study sessions as well. Also, I think the papers here have allowed me to branch out and be exposed to new material that I have not have learned about at my university at home. Overall being at AUT has been very positive for me.

What would you improve about this program?
The only suggestion that I would make is that although the program does a great job with integrating the international students and allowing us to meet people from all over the world at different activities, I have found that meeting kiwis or local students from New Zealand is slightly more difficult and it seems to happen less frequently. Maybe that has just been my experience and others feel differently, but just something that I've noticed over the past few months. And I do realize that the local students may not want to be as involved with the international students since we are only here temporarily, so it may be hard to change. That is just one thing that I have noted, but other than that the program as a whole seems to be working well.
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Yes, I recommend this program

AUT has great facilities, nice size classrooms sizes and is centrally located to everything. I have been able to make a lot of new friends in just two terms (1 semester) as I have many of the same people in my classes. They offer unique subjects and the professors are helpful. Studying in Auckland is idea because on the weekends, you can travel to many beaches and attractions in under a couple hours. I love my AUT experience!

Yes, I recommend this program

4 months is definitely not enough here. You probably will start getting real close to people outside of your housing the 3rd month in. Everyone's so down to earth even the professors. There's also so much to get involved in and do on and off campus. Everything is also easy to get to on foot. Try and not get classes on Thursdays because clubs are free on Wednesdays lol. I surprisingly survived on a Discover Credit Card.

What would you improve about this program?
better beds at WSA
Yes, I recommend this program

I think I am quite unusual because I come from Vietnam, go abroad at the Netherlands and now learn exchange at New Zealand. People asked me a lot that why I go far away not only from my hometown but also from my school. To be honest, I am not a travel person. I hate plane and long flight. The main reason why I choose to come here is their program that I hope it will help my knowledge. Then in the first week, my form missed, so I had to move to another class. It was mess up, and I pressured. But with a lot of encourage from my classmates at AUT, also help from staffs at here, everything was back on the right road. And I could say, I am delighted with this journey. I learnt a lot of things I wanted to learn for several years. I met a lot of friendly friends and teacher also that they supported me so much in many ways. If I have more time, I want to be here more than 2-3 months, because I know I still can get more at here. But any journey has to end somehow. I will miss everyone I met, not only at AUT or my tenant and housemates but also random kindly people on the road, on buses, trains,...This journey made my Auckland, my New Zealand!

What would you improve about this program?
I think if it's possible, maybe exchange students on orientation week, we can go on a different day with other students. Because I can see every year, AUT has a lot of new students. But with us, we have shorter time at here and also different form. So I think it will help if we separate from really big to the specific small groups. It could make you more focus but also easier to organise.


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Alumni Interviews

Alumni interviews are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Nina Eydenkaldt

Nina was born in Russia 1994. With 2 year her family moved to Germany. Like nobody was thinking that her familiy will live in Germany, so nobody thought that Nina will someday study in New Zealand.

the girl holding a surf board

Why did you choose this program?

At first I should mention that I am a freelancer. That means that my home university and my abroad university (AUT) don't have cooperation. On one hand it means that I have to do everything by my own and have extra cost, but on the other hand I was free to chose every university I want. And they also offer support and great help for students who want to go abroad to other countries. So I ask them for help and told them about my wishes like what I want to study and which kind of cities do I like and this was the opportunity I got. I could chose every university. But at least I thought that the AUT would be the best one for me.

Oh, and why New Zealand ? It is the furthest country from Germany and I thought if I will make a study abroad, I want to make it on the other site of the world. The other programs would be the exchange which I couldn't join and the abroad with an internship I didn't want to join. My goal was to improve my English, to see how the students in other countries live and study and to feel the atmosphere. It was not my goal to have a practical training as in a internship.

What did your program provider (or university) assist you with, and what did you have to organize on your own?

As I mentioned I'm a freelancer. My home university just explain to me how the courses will be accepted. A huge help I got from Gozealand!. I only had to send them the documents they requested and they communicated with the University, especially with Kenneth the supervisor for abroad student at the AUT. So Kenneth and I wrote back and forth about the courses and communicated every time with the faculty if I could join the selected course. At the end he even send us the schedule to know where and when out study starts.

At least everything was organized by Gozealand! and the AUT. I just had to collect and submit my documents like my passport, my bachelor degree my transcript and the most important thing I had to do by my own was the english test for the required level.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone going on your program?

At first I would tell them to have someone here in Germany who helps with the application and the communication over there. It is a big discharge and help. The second thing is to visit the introduction week to get all information you need. Choose this university which fits in your imagination and where you will feel good. Sure it is difficult to judge a place where you've never been but that is the reason we have all the reviews and the internet. Connect with people and ask them what ever your interested in, even if there are strangers. AUT was for me the best choice I could imagine. It is very different to my university and just a big and great experience. And one of the most important advice is: enjoy it. Don't take it all to serious. Don't sit in your room and just think about the study. Go out, travel, meet people, laugh, laugh and laugh. It is not just a study abroad, it is a section in your life.

What does an average day/week look like as a participant of this program?

I just had 3 courses what means 8 hours of lectures and tutorials. In this program I did'n have any liabilities so I decide for myself if I visit the lectures and tutorials or not. Sure, there are papers were you have the duty to visit them but this is not conditionally from the program, rather from the paper you choose. So I had much free time. In the first month I used it to travel and to explore the area around and in Auckland.The last month, the month of the exams is the one with the least time for everything else out of study. It is about you how you spend your time. My study was a mix of travellng, relax with friends, to enjoy the cafes and locations in and around Auckland and to study, while the pressure to study increase at the end in the month of the exams.

Going into your experience abroad, what was your biggest fear, and how did you overcome it? How did your views on the issue change?

Sometimes it is not a thing what you are afraid of, it is the whole situation, the unknown things. Sometime you even don't know what you afraid of, but you are. Maybe it is more nervous then anxiety ? I could not realize it a very long time, so I did not feel fear. The "negative" feelings I had were, for example, the thought that I would not understand the lecturers.

There are three things I recognize and this is how I overcome bad thoughts about my abroad. The first one was when I recognize that if I let my bad thoughts and concerns dominant me, I will never grow and do new things and someday I will regret it. The second thing was that everything is what we make of it. Most anxiety is the fear of changes and new things, but this is what you need to look someday back, to smile and to say I did it.Now I am ready to tell my stories and not just to read those from others.

What have you learned going abroad?

I learned a very important thing, I really do not know if it is important for you guys but I could say it change my life.

As I arrived I was very interested in what others did, what they saw, and what they made. I compared them with myself.

I think everyone who arrives alone will search people with which whom they can spend their time. But what you need to know is, we are all different. Never spend time with people at places you do not like, just because you do not want to be alone. Just because other people go hiking, does not mean you need to go. Just because other people sleep in hostels and cars, it does not mean you need to do the same. Just because people try to save up money everywhere what becomes stinginess, does not mean you need to do the same. Think about what you like! Think about what do you want to see! Think about which kind of people you want to stay! Think about how you would enjoy this abroad most.

It is not about budget trips, it is not about paying less everywhere. Probably it is one of the most exciting possibilities in your live, at least it is separate section of your live. Enjoy it like you want ! Otherwise you will regret it.

Staff Interviews

Staff interviews are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Samuel Davis

Job Title
International Programs Coordinator
Samuel Davis

Sam previously worked at AUT and is now completing his Masters in Norway. The international education adventure has not stopped for him!

What is your favorite travel memory?

Seeing an old friend in London after a rough day of travel!

I had started the day with a 3:30 am flight from Bergen getting into Manchester later in the morning for an event starting at 12. It ran until the late afternoon, at which point we had to quickly pack up and catch a taxi to the train station. We were crammed into a packed train to London. With my over-sized luggage in tow, I then had to navigate the Tube to find my hotel. My phone was dead by this time, I was relying on passers-by for directions. I eventually got there to find an old friend waiting for me. I was exhausted at this point, but there was no greater feeling than sharing a beer with a mate after a long, long day!

Which destination is most underrated? Conversely, which is most overrated?

Estonia in my opinion is a country that more people should visit! Just a ferry ride from Helsinki, Tallinn is a beautiful city, with a lot to see and do. The cost of living is quite low, so a beer and meal won't set you back much. If you get out of Tallinn, you really should visit some of the islands, like Saaremaa. A magical place, filled with natural beauty and history.

On the other hand, Amsterdam was not that amazing in my opinion. Far too many tourists for my liking!

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

For me, it's how we engage with our stakeholders. In my role, the most important are the students and partner universities. Students have lots of questions before they arrive, and then need a welcoming introduction once they get here. If we can give them a good experience, they will tell their friends and family back home. Word of mouth is a great way to encourage more students to choose AUT when they study abroad.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

When I started at AUT, I really had no idea about the scope of International Education. I've learned how vast this industry is, and how exciting it is to work in. Before starting in this role, I would never have seen myself working in this industry. But I can now see a career path for myself, in an area which I'm passionate about. The most rewarding aspect for me is seeing international students coming to study in New Zealand, and the positive experiences and impressions they leave with.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

We had a German design student who planned to come for one semester last year, who ended up staying for the whole year because he loved AUT and Auckland so much. He is now planning to finish his studies in Germany and return to AUT for postgraduate study, with hopes of landing a job at Weta Workshop in Wellington.

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