Butakoola Village Association for Development


Butakoola Village Association for Development (BUVAD) is a non profit organization locally founded by born children of our current focal area of Kayunga District in Uganda (East Africa) We are registered and certified by the NGO board of Uganda. BUVAD started its operations way back in 2000 as a community based organization (CBO) and was approved by the NGO board in May 2011. Our registration number is: S.5914/8930

BUVAD is a volunteer run organization with support from both local and international volunteers.

We have had experience in hosting international volunteers since 2006 up to date.

We implement the following projects;
1. Rural Safe Water Supply
2. Sunflower Growing for Cooking Oil Extraction
3. Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Care and Educational Support
4. Waste plastic bottles management and Climate change Issues
5. Women empowerment
6. Advocacy for better community health


Yes, I recommend this program

The Real Deal

Right off the plane I was in the village the next day. We went out that night, this would have been my second night in Uganda, and walked around. There was no moon, no stars, it seemed pitch black. We walked up this path around the house we stayed in and voices of greetings and hellos came out of the darkness. I could barely see my hand in front of my face. Some people would materialize seemingly from nowhere and come to greet us face to face, shaking hands and patting our backs. It was a real first experience meeting people.

What would you improve about this program?
More ability to fund projects. Stephen is too much on his own as this region also seems to be on its own.
Anything you can make happen is doubly appreciated.


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