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Youth development is a journey that all young people go through and the key to promoting positive development is the planning of quality experiences. Here in CAMP CHALLENGE, we facilitate character development through our high impact and values-centric programmes (CAMPS), helping youths grow with the right attitude and social skills.


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Camp Challenge is only getting bigger and better with more and more opportunities on the horizon. I have been here for only three months and they have already taught me to sail and pilot a boat. It also serves as a great base for more travelling and has great flexibility in working hours. The work itself is almost always a lot of fun!


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Elaine Tan

Job Title
Project Manager
Elaine is a local Singaporean who graduated from SIM RMIT with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. Upon graduating, Elaine worked in different industries before finding herself here at CAMP CHALLENGE as a Project Manager.

How does your organization differ from other ones in the industry?

As Singapore is a small country with scarce land, CAMP CHALLENGE is one of the few that has our very own campsite located at Sembawang. We also take pride in the things that we do and the programmes that we run, and that is why all instructors who join our company have to go through a Basic Instructor Course.

It is CAMP CHALLENGE’s mission to inspire youths to fulfil their potential in a Fun, Open, Challenging and Safe environment. On top of that, CAMP CHALLENGE believes in Work-Life Integration. We are always encouraged to, and often given the opportunities, to plan and go on sea and land expeditions together. It is through these expeditions that we learn and bond with each other.

Most importantly, the people here are all fun and lovable and we are a close knit family. We even have a “house” in the campsite where all instructors can hang out.

Which program is your most popular among gappers?

As part of our efforts to become the springboard for youth development globally, we came up with the International Instructor Programme which aims to provide Gappers with a flexible schedule for them to travel and work all at the same time.

What are some of the most common concerns about gap year from students you have interacted with? What are your responses to that?

One of their main concerns is money. As all of them will be surviving only with the money that they have earned from each programme they do, they are usually concerned if they will be able to earn enough for their daily expenses, especially during the low peak month.

That is why, here in CAMP CHALLENGE, International Instructors will work for a minimum of 10 days a month to ensure that they have enough for their daily expenses.

What's your daily life like as a Project Manager in CAMP CHALLENGE?

As a Project Manager, I draft proposals for the programmes and liase with clients to ensure that their CAMPs are well coordinated. Additionally, besides these, I have fun colleagues whom I can talk to and joke with. These make everything I’m doing more interesting.

What keeps you excited about your job?

Although my duty as a Project Manager is mainly administrative, CAMP CHALLENGE also offers me the opportunity to try out other roles – from a Station Instructor, who conducts the activities, to a Team Instructor who is in charge of the team! That way, I get a chance to experience and understand what it is like to be in the Instructor's point of view too.

What excites me the most is that I am always learning and meeting new people from all walks of life and that makes the job very interesting. Ever since I started working here, I got to work with different schools which includes children with special needs and even go on overseas learning journeys.

There was once when I went on a 28KM kayaking expedition to Kukup and back. The most memorable experience that I had was when I trekked up Mount Kinabalu and reached the summit! I never thought that I could do it. But with a lot of encouragement from the team and perseverance, I did it!