Why choose Campus Brasil?

Campus Brasil is an international education facilitator specializing in expanding experiential learning opportunities across our country. Founded by two University of São Paulo students, we represent a group of passionate, globally minded educators, learners, and dreamers. We come from around the world unified by our vision to expand opportunities for reciprocal international learning.

We look to promote our belief that every interaction between learners can inspire the reach of an idea. Our work seeks to advance the facilitation of constructive learning interactions that connect people across cultures, oceans, and borders.

Today, the organization encompasses a set of in-country resources for educators and learners. From logistics and academic facilitation to coordinating experiential learning interactions, Campus Brasil is a uniquely Brazilian international education facilitator promoting learning experiences across our campus—Brazil. We engage our expertise to promote constructive, inclusive international learning in and out of South America contributing to the internationalization of our country.



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