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China Interntrip is a professional consulting and service company specialized in the fields of China Internship, Homestay, Chinese Learning, Translation, Cultural Communication, Consultation on business, tourism, education and so on.

As the bridge between the western and Chinese cultures, China Interntrip dedicates to provide International students with the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and business, as well as gain professional skills in an international working environment.

With a professional and dynamic team, rich experiences, plenty of local resources from different industries, China Interntrip endeavors to provide the premium services to clients efficiently.

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25 years old
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Teaches you about doing business in China firsthand!


So I was walking around the mall by my apartment one day when I guy came up to me and tried to sell me a pink iPhone 6s. He was very keen on making me believe that I should buy this iPhone, and so he told me it'd be 3000rmb. I haggled him down to 1000rmb and bought the stupid thing. I later tried to sell it to my friend, who found out that it was a fake.

Working with Interntrip was kind of like that. They offer you a seemingly great package, but the results aren't what you expected. Sure, the software seemed legit, but until you examined what was underneath the software, you'd realize that someone made it that way just to pass it off enough to sell it to some stupid foreigner who didn't know any better.

Seriously though, there are better ways of staying in China. You don't need an agency. They will flat out rip you off or make you wish they did.

Take for instance their language program. The package was about $2000, and for that they claimed they'd get you the best course in the world. Nope. Not even close. They gave me two options in the beginning: use their personal teacher for one-on-one or attend the local university, which would ultimately consume all of my time, leaving little time for my internship. I chose to do the one-on-one.

That poor teacher. She could hardly speak English and more importantly, it was her first time teaching. It was clear that the agency cut corners for this teacher. After Spring Festival, that teacher left. The agency needed to find a new one for me, but it took about a month to find one. The teacher that they found hadn't taught before and could speak even less English.

Needless to say, I was livid. I cancelled classes and immediately signed up with a local school. Interntrip found out and began to tell me that I broke the contract. After speaking through a translator, I was able to convince the boss that they had broke the contract in the first place, rendering me freedom to choose my own school. I also got them to pay for 3 months of classes.

It became clear after that that the agency was only about "face," a Chinese social concept, and not about much else. They only appeared on the surface to be competent, when really they were cutting every corner to make some kuai off some laowai.

The apartment's a total lie. Aside from living with 6 other Chinese people, I was forced to live in the messes of previous tenants. There was no evidence of any type of cleaning that had been done since the apartment was built, I reasoned. Fruit flies were everywhere, the floor in the kitchen and common room was sticky from all the oil used in the cooking process, and the bathroom looked like it had never seen a sponge in its life. The website boasts about how clean they are, and how great of a time you'll have in them, but I found it to be quite the opposite. In the winter, there was no heat, forcing me to shiver in pain throughout the cold Qingdao nights. Then summer rolled around and there was no a/c in the building and I couldn't sleep because I would get too hot.

If this experience did teach me anything, it's that there are legitimate businesses in China. Interntrip and agencies like it aren't. You have to search far and wide to find them, but there are good businesses out there. Otherwise, you'll end up buying a fake pink iPhone and living in squaller paying money hand over fist to a company that clearly did nothing to receive that much money.

Don't go to this internship agency. Don't even use an internship agency. There are better ways of getting into China's vast landscapes of opportunity. This is not one of them.

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36 years old

i am highly grateful to the China Interntrip


Firstly, i am highly grateful to China Interntrip for the support and help, they did to me, to get a well-matching internship of my interest, experience and future-desired-goal at FIB.
Secondly, the time i spent at my internship was very practical, useful and professional learning experience era. During my stay at FIB, i had an opportunity to apply my all academic, personal and professional skills along prior knowledge of china - Pakistan economy and capital markets.
Thirdly, i found my every FIB Colleague very friendly, supportive, generous, caring, and helpful. There cooperation is the main reason of getting practical training and professional skills at FIB. Without there support and help this training would not have been full of learning experience
Finally, i did not learn only about professional, practical skills and business environment but i also learnt much more about Chinese Culture, Civilization and Customs. I believe, my all learnings will be utilized in building a more strong and long lasting relation with China. However, cross culture management skills' experience will tie powerful and competent relation among countries.

How can this program be improved?

program is perfefect accrording my opnion each and every thing is good

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33 years old

I would like to Thank ‘China Interntrip’ for helping me in getting the right Internship based on my area of interest and my past experience.


Eight weeks of internship, in Fortune Investment Bank, was a very fruitful learning experience. Working in the Investment Banking Department, I had the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge of
Chinese and Indian Economy and Capital Markets to practical use. I worked on ‘opportunities for FIB to invest in India through Public Private Partnership (PPP)’. Each and every colleague in FIB was very
friendly and supportive. I learnt a lot about Chinese culture and business environment and took this opportunity to build strong relations.

This experience will really help me in building strong ‘cross-cultural management skills’.

Piyush Dutta, INDIA

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24 years old
Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Internship after one year of studying chinese in Qingdao


Since I started my chinese language course at the Qingdao Ocean University of China, I was looking for an Internship in a chinese company.
One of my classmates introduced me to Qingdao Interntrip and I got in contact with them long before I could start my Internship.
Due to my friend I got the Internship free of any fee.
From the beginning on "Qingdao Interntrip" answered all my personal questions with patience and ensured me that I would definetly be able to do the Internship.
Since I have already lived in Qingdao for one year, I did not need their help to find an apartment or to get around the city and its surroundings.
Nevertheless, they showed their capability by helping me to change my student visa into a business visa for the Internship.
This task was very complicated and "Qingdao Interntrip" was able to navigate through it with efficency.
I got an Internship in the "Qingdao Fortune Investment Bank" which fitted perfectly with my major at University.
The people from the Company are open minded, friendly and able to speak at least a little bit English. The responsibles give you tasks according to your knowledge and experiences.
I would recommend to do an Internship in a chinese Company to get to know the chinese way of business. In addition to that "Qingdao Interntrip" can be a big help for everyone, wanting to go to china, even without the knowledge of the chinese language.

How can this program be improved?

Maybe just frequently updating all Information about the required documents for applying for a visa and the changes when applying for multiple entries, etc.
Better give a little bit more papers, prooves of working license, etc., than not enough and the applicant is not able to apply for a visa or has difficulties.
Otherwise everything was fine :)

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