Internships and Cultural Exploration in Qingdao, China

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The internship program was founded with the purpose of providing students from all over the world with the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and business, as well as gain experience in an international work setting.

The internship in China enables you to enrich your work experience, enhance your potential, acquire the necessary skills, which can have your CV stand out from the crowd and lay a good foundation for your future career. Moreover, you will expand your horizons, make Chinese friends, get to know Chinese cultures and beautiful scenery.

Qingdao is a fast growing International coastal city with its unique scenery, architecture, temperate climate and fresh air quality. It is economically dynamic with major industries including trade, agriculture/aquaculture, light industry, electronics & telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, ship building, oceanography research, and tourism. And it is one of top 10 most livable cities in China.

Come and join us!

  • China Interntrip organizes various featured activities such as learning Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, tasting Chinese food, experiencing Chinese tea ceremonies and so on to help you experience Chinese traditional culture.
  • Our professional team will provide all kinds of support services such as: visa assistance, 24/7 service, well-rounded Chinese study environment, suitable homestay families or apartment, airport pickup, insurance, additional part-time job opportunities and
  • We can provide plenty of internship positions from different industries such as Architecture, Real Estate, IT, Business, Logistics, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Advertising, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Media & Creative Industries & Engineering plus much more
  • China Interntrip will help you explore the local customs and culture and travel around China during your free time.
  • China Interntrip helps you to expand your social circle and integrate into more friend communities so you have friends all over the globe!

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Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing experience in China

When i choose to come to China for an internship, i choose China Interntrip. They are a very professional company with some very warm and friendly people who help me solve the problems i have encountered in China. The internship in Qingdao is very enjoyable, with beautiful sea and mountains and lots of food, it is important to note that Qingdao's seafood is the most distinctive food in Qingdao and they are very popular.

China Interntrip will find the most suitable job opportunities for you based on your profession and requirements. Let you feel the charm of Chinese culture while working. To tell the truth, I was really worried before my arrival in China, because i knowing nothing about the language and culture. But with the help of China Interntrip, my internship has gone very well.

I recommend you this wonderful program. With the help of China Interntrip, you will have a great time in China.

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Let me shine in your world!
Yes, I recommend this program

Wonderful times in wonderful place

Hi, guys, I'm Miranda from LA. Time I spent here in Qingdao is wonderful!! I would like to spend more time here if I can get my visa extend. The weather is nice, the scenery is beautiful, the people is nice and supported, the host company I worked is giving me a whole different platform to explore China market. The work environment is neat n colleages are very friendly. After the internship here, I think I want to have a real professional life here.
Apart from that, before I started my trip here, I asked for the customized package, Interntrip had confirmed all my demands, so I dont need to worry about accommodation n transportation and so on, after all, I had a great time here, Cant wait to coming back n explore more about this beautiful city.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best people to approach when you are in China for any concerns you have.

I was looking for an internship opportunity in China and I came into contact with China Interntrip. A dynamic team which has lot to offer. After reviewing my profile they scheduled interview with multiple companies. I was lucky enough to chose the company of my interest. China Interntrip has been very helpful and the process was too smooth. Even after I joined the company they are in regular touch with me to check if I need any kind of support from them and help me out if I need anything.
After getting me an internship, they have also suggested me some places in China which I can visit. They also helped to travel around China. Places which I wanted to visit and the best time to visit in a discounted price. I appreciate their work and happily promote their service to all who are coming to China.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Be open minded, observe and adapt to Chinese culture. They are very sweet people. If you need any help, China Interntrip is there to help you.
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Yes, I recommend this program

an unforgettable journey

China, a country with more than 5,000 years of civilization,The existing interest places in China have witnessed the changes in history. I went to many interest places, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, Mountain Taishan, Eight Great Passes, There are many beautiful cities in China, Qingdao is one of them. Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city, is located in the southeast coast of Shandong Province, China. The red roofs, green trees, blue sea, and azure sky form a bright and colorful picture of Qingdao. The city is sometimes known as the Switzerland of the Orient. Qingdao offers food with distinctive flavors--, especially seafood. So take this chance to enjoy the delicious seafood of Qingdao. Also, Qingdao is the home of the famous Qingdao (Tsingtao) Beer. Have a bottle of pure Qingdao Beer right here in Qingdao! Qingdao has a cool climate in summer, so it's a good time to have an internship and travel in Qingdao, I played poker with my Chinese friends, and we tried the Indian Poker game, and China fought the landlord.

What was your funniest moment?
Play poker with my Chinese friends, and we tried the Indian Poker game, and China fought the landlord.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Experience with China Interntrip

China Interntrip really helps me to find the right kind of internship I was looking for in China. They made my job Easier. They are professional and have a connection with various industries all around China. If you’re looking for additional guidance on what kind of internship to look for, how to build a strong resume, or how to nail an interview, China Interntrip is an incredibly valuable resource. This platform is designed with students in mind, so it has a ton of Industrial Connection for prospective interns. Whether or not you use this as your primary internship platform, it's definitely a valuable resource when researching the company offering you an internship. I have benefitted a lot from Internship what they have provided So I will recommend China Interntrip as an Internship Consultant.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Thanks to China Interntrip for Qingdao internship supporting

I would like to say that my internship in Qingdao is wonderful. After i sent an inquiry letter to China interntrip's contact email, they replied to me on the same day! And they recommended their program which was quite attractive to me. Then they assisted with the intern interview, after i got the offer they guided me to apply visa and told me about Qingdao's weather and office rules so that i could make enough preparation in advance.
After i touched the land in Qingdao, they picked up me from the airport, and gave me a welcome ceremony which really touched me.
Their team are very young and helpful to me. I learned the local culture, basic Chinese words, communication skills with Chinese, and so on. Also, the living condition was satisfying, there are 2 roommates from Europe countries, sometimes we cooked and joined activities together. On the weekend, China interntrip organized some team buildings and tours around Qingdao, which offered chance for me to make friends and know more about Qingdao.
Actually, China interntrip team was very kindhearted, they treated me like family and gave me advice even onsite support when needed. When i finished the intern, they treated me with a dinner and gave me gift, which was a big surprise for me.
I thank the team and if there's any chance in the coming years i will also go to Qingdao with China interntrip.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Unforgettable experience with China Interntrip

To tell the truth, I was really worried before my arrival in China. Certainly, I was excited and full of expectation, but knowing nothing about the language and culture did worry me. All these vanished upon my arrival.
Jessie and Mike picked me up at the airport, drove me to China Interntrip to attend a welcome ceremony, guided me to apply for a SIM card, to local police station for registration, to my accommodation, to the interntrip company...They accompanied me during the whole trip, telling me local situations, teaching me some basic Chinese. I felt at home!!!
It was really a great experience. You can deeply understand Chinese rich culture, business mode, delicious food, spectacular scenery which you will never get through books or news.
I recommend you this wonderful trip. With the help of China Interntrip, you will enjoy an amazing experience in China.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Teaches you about doing business in China firsthand!

So I was walking around the mall by my apartment one day when I guy came up to me and tried to sell me a pink iPhone 6s. He was very keen on making me believe that I should buy this iPhone, and so he told me it'd be 3000rmb. I haggled him down to 1000rmb and bought the stupid thing. I later tried to sell it to my friend, who found out that it was a fake.

Working with Interntrip was kind of like that. They offer you a seemingly great package, but the results aren't what you expected. Sure, the software seemed legit, but until you examined what was underneath the software, you'd realize that someone made it that way just to pass it off enough to sell it to some stupid foreigner who didn't know any better.

Seriously though, there are better ways of staying in China. You don't need an agency. They will flat out rip you off or make you wish they did.

Take for instance their language program. The package was about $2000, and for that they claimed they'd get you the best course in the world. Nope. Not even close. They gave me two options in the beginning: use their personal teacher for one-on-one or attend the local university, which would ultimately consume all of my time, leaving little time for my internship. I chose to do the one-on-one.

That poor teacher. She could hardly speak English and more importantly, it was her first time teaching. It was clear that the agency cut corners for this teacher. After Spring Festival, that teacher left. The agency needed to find a new one for me, but it took about a month to find one. The teacher that they found hadn't taught before and could speak even less English.

Needless to say, I was livid. I cancelled classes and immediately signed up with a local school. Interntrip found out and began to tell me that I broke the contract. After speaking through a translator, I was able to convince the boss that they had broke the contract in the first place, rendering me freedom to choose my own school. I also got them to pay for 3 months of classes.

It became clear after that that the agency was only about "face," a Chinese social concept, and not about much else. They only appeared on the surface to be competent, when really they were cutting every corner to make some kuai off some laowai.

The apartment's a total lie. Aside from living with 6 other Chinese people, I was forced to live in the messes of previous tenants. There was no evidence of any type of cleaning that had been done since the apartment was built, I reasoned. Fruit flies were everywhere, the floor in the kitchen and common room was sticky from all the oil used in the cooking process, and the bathroom looked like it had never seen a sponge in its life. The website boasts about how clean they are, and how great of a time you'll have in them, but I found it to be quite the opposite. In the winter, there was no heat, forcing me to shiver in pain throughout the cold Qingdao nights. Then summer rolled around and there was no a/c in the building and I couldn't sleep because I would get too hot.

If this experience did teach me anything, it's that there are legitimate businesses in China. Interntrip and agencies like it aren't. You have to search far and wide to find them, but there are good businesses out there. Otherwise, you'll end up buying a fake pink iPhone and living in squaller paying money hand over fist to a company that clearly did nothing to receive that much money.

Don't go to this internship agency. Don't even use an internship agency. There are better ways of getting into China's vast landscapes of opportunity. This is not one of them.

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