ChinaESL is a professional employment and visa agency based in Beijing, the capital of China. ChinaESL is the only representitive of American MidWest Education Group in China. ChinaESL company was established on 2003 and has been in the market for nine years; its personnel have vast experience in placing foreign teachers as well as teaching foreigners Chinese. During this time, we have placed more than 4000 foreigners in different schools and companies.

Our aim is to assit more and more foreigners in coming to China, to get them familiar with Chinese culture, and help them spend a wonderful time in China while acquiring experience and broadening horizons. We would like to be a golden bridge between you, Chinese people and Chinese Culture.


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No, I don't recommend this program

ChinaESL and Rebecca Tang will bring you to the PRC on the wrong visa. They will withhold a large amount of pay until the end of your contract. They will provide you no support and take over half your salary for the trouble. They will make you pay your own way to Hong Kong for visa renewals. I got out with all my money, but so many others were cheated of their salary by Rebecca Tang.

Beijing is an amazing city. Please don't let outfits like Rebecca Tang's cloud your opinion of it. But do not experience the city through her or you may be very sorry.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I originally came to China with ChinaESL about 3 years ago and continue to work with them on part time contracts. My original position was outside of Beijing and they were just recruiting for it, I was not working directly with them. After 4 months, I contacted them about working in one of their schools in Beijing to get my 1 year of experience that most higher paying jobs require. They set up interviews for me and accompanied me to them. The pay was fair for a beginning teacher with little to no experience. They took care of my visa issues and made sure I was legal to work all of the time. Later on, they helped me to find a part time job and negotiated so that my classes would all be on the few days that I requested. They recently even helped me find my apartment without using an agent. All-in-all, i've never had any negative issues with them. I think it's a good company to start your teaching with, however, I do believe that after you have a year of experience you are able to make more money freelancing and should take advantage of those opportunities.


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Chad Buckwalter

Chad Buckwalter is from Lititz, Pennsylvania, USA and attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I enjoy learning about new cultures, reading and listening to music. I have been teaching in Beijing, China for almost 3 years and love it!

Highlights: The highlights of my teaching experience have been when seeing and hearing the students using English to communicate, or mainly using something that you have taught them while they don't know that you are listening. The young students absorb so much during the course of the day and knowing that they are learning from your class makes it all worth it.

I enjoy teaching abroad because I think the lifestyle for a foreigner is so different from anything you can experience back home. I am surrounded by another culture and am adapting my life to it. Everyday you see something new, try new foods, learn a new part of the language and it's all so foreign to what I've been exposed to in my home. I just find it amazing.

Morning: My current school is rather far from my home so my typical morning begins with either a 1 hour and 40 minute bus ride or a 40 minute commute on my electric bike. After arrival, I have a quick meeting with the head teacher, who I share an office with. During the meetings I let her know which chapters of the book I'll be covering that week, and then I'll head to my first class. I arrive at the classroom early (the students are outside doing their morning exercise routine) and setup the computer making sure that my presentations are all in order.

Afternoon: In the afternoon I join the rest of the teachers (all Chinese) in the lunchroom for school lunch. I have 1.5 hour lunch break and then will teach another 3 classes. I setup my schedule so that I teach all of my classes in a row so I mustn't do any office hours, just teaching hours. The afternoon classes are typically my highest level classes and go extremely well. When the final bell rings, I take a few minutes to make notes about the day's classes and then head home. At this school, I do not have any office time, so I do any needed preparations at home.

Evening: I do not work in the evenings so I use this time to relax and gather with friends. During the summer, I will head to a Chinese restaurants and eat kebabs outside, or maybe do some reading or internet work at an outdoor cafe. I try to do all of my class preparations in one day so that I can enjoy the rest of my evenings off. A couple days a week I will head to the gym directly from work. All-in-all it's a pretty stress-free lifestyle.