Live and Teach in China with ChinaESL
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Live and Teach in China with ChinaESL

ChinaESL is looking for English teachers eager to live and work in China. This is an exciting opportunity to teach in one of the most vibrant countries in the world! We have a wide variety of opportunities available including tutoring jobs, temporary jobs, and short term training programs. The minimum contract length is 6 months, but many teachers decide to stay for much longer. We have jobs available at different times during the year and teacher can start at ANYTIME.

For all the jobs in Beijing, the schools or companies need to have a face to face interview with the candidates, if the candidates pass the interview, then the contract will be signed. However, for all the jobs in other cities, the schools or companies only need to arrange a phone interview, so the contract can be signed before the candidates arrive China.

Please visit our website for more information and to begin the application process!

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Asia » China
6-12 Months
1 Year+
Salary / Benefits
Starting salary for new teachers in 8,000 RMB / month

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24 years old
Beijing, China

Brings you to China illegally


ChinaESL and Rebecca Tang will bring you to the PRC on the wrong visa. They will withhold a large amount of pay until the end of your contract. They will provide you no support and take over half your salary for the trouble. They will make you pay your own way to Hong Kong for visa renewals. I got out with all my money, but so many others were cheated of their salary by Rebecca Tang.

Beijing is an amazing city. Please don't let outfits like Rebecca Tang's cloud your opinion of it. But do not experience the city through her or you may be very sorry.

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32 years old
Beijing, China
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Solid Company to Begin Teaching with


I originally came to China with ChinaESL about 3 years ago and continue to work with them on part time contracts. My original position was outside of Beijing and they were just recruiting for it, I was not working directly with them. After 4 months, I contacted them about working in one of their schools in Beijing to get my 1 year of experience that most higher paying jobs require. They set up interviews for me and accompanied me to them. The pay was fair for a beginning teacher with little to no experience. They took care of my visa issues and made sure I was legal to work all of the time. Later on, they helped me to find a part time job and negotiated so that my classes would all be on the few days that I requested. They recently even helped me find my apartment without using an agent. All-in-all, i've never had any negative issues with them. I think it's a good company to start your teaching with, however, I do believe that after you have a year of experience you are able to make more money freelancing and should take advantage of those opportunities.

About The Provider


ChinaESL is a professional employment and visa agency based in Beijing, the capital of China. ChinaESL is the only representitive of American MidWest Education Group in China. ChinaESL company was established on 2003 and has been in the market for nine years; its personnel have