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With over 250,000 satisfied students from more than 80 countries, don Quijote has been leading the Spanish teaching industry for over 25 years, 35 schools in 11 countries. Modern, comfortable, charming. our schools are always located in the city center of the most popular cities in Spain and Latin America. We offer a large variety of courses including private, personalized premium classes and tailor-made courses, all with the best teaching method and highest quality standards. Our goal is that you not only learn Spanish during your time with us but also become immersed in the local culture, combining activities with cultural activities and weekend excursions. Your study abroad experience with don Quijote will definitely enrich your life and broaden your world views.


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No, I don't recommend this program

Absolutely appaling - bullying at the camp

My brother and I sent our boys to the camp. When we picked them up and debriefed from the two weeks they spent there, they mentioned a few pieces of feedback such a the fact most activities should have been extras booked prior to the camp. Our son and his cousin got bored several times. We did not know we had to book something or he would get bored. This was not very clear. So they ended up going to the beach everyday.

Second regarding the academical level, it seems our boys were mainly listening three hours to Spanish classes in the morning. They did not speak much. They both said they spoke more English that Spanish!

But the real issue we have with the camp is that one of them faced bullying. He has mentioned it to the staff and no one reacted. I am extremely disappointed by the behavior of the camp manager to whom he mentioned the problem.
Two children younger than him kept bothering him. One called him a “a failure”. The other kept giving him nicknames because he has glasses and even threw stones and small pieces to him. He only told them to stop and asked help from the staff. The staff did not do anything. The staff did not move. As a result he felt poorly during all the “free" time not in class as these kids were around him.

Eventually he pushed the kid for him to stop and the head of the camp only told him this was not the best way. I think the best way would have been for this “head of the camp” to intervene before. It seems harassment is something accepted by these folks. The staff seems to be ok with bullying happening at the camp - this is definitely not a place I will send again my son and will proactively tell it to anyone interested in their camp.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
Not go considering they let bullying happen. Unbelievable that in 2021 the staff would not be able to handle such a situation!
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No, I don't recommend this program

Good instruction! Terrible support! Unethical Business Practices! Client Unfriendly!

To whom it may concern,

Plainly speaking, I am very dissatisfied with my don Quijote experience. My girlfriend Bonnie and I looked forward to this trip for months only to be frustrated with our very poor experience. Don Quijote did not meet our expectations! We did not have the “times of our lives.” Our don Quijote academic advisor did not provide clear guidance on how to select a language program that best fit each of our needs. They did not provide enough information about their homestay selection to allow us to make an informed decision. And they knowingly sold us a ridiculously priced airport pick up option that is nothing short of criminal.

Below are the details of each issue.

Issues with the Language Courses Purchased
• I will concede that I misunderstood some of the details regarding the course offerings we purchased. Thankfully, the local don Quijote school director had the decency to inform me of the issue on the first day.
• Specifically, I did not understand that Super Intensive 30 meant 30 hours of instruction. I thought I had purchase 20 hours of ‘advanced’ language instruction. The local director caught this error right away and explained the math. Because there were only four school days during the week of our stay (due to the November 1st holiday), both Bonnie and I would have had to average 7 ½ hours of instruction per day for four days to complete 30 hours of instruction. Not only is this not practical for any language learner, but the school simply was not able to accommodate such a schedule. This error should have been caught by Don Quijote as they are experts in their course of instruction and language learning best practice. Obviously, had we understood the course options, we would not have chosen Super Intensive 30 course. Clearly, the don Quijote academic advisor should have caught this error right away and recommended an alternative course, as the local director did.
• To make things worse, I purchased 5 hours of additional private instruction, which would have totaled my daily hours of instruction to 8 ½. How is it possible that my don Quijote academic advisor did not realize this wasn’t a problem? Again, the local director realized the issue right away while my don Quijote academic advisor failed me miserably. I attended a one-hour follow-on class after the 4-hour group class on the first day. However, it was not a one-on-one, customized class just for me. It was simply an extension of the group class format, attended by three students and with no real structure or agenda. Because the local don Quijote school was unable to fulfill the private class as described in your brochure, I elected not to attend the remaining classes as it did not meet the course description objectives nor my expectations.
• Bottom line, my academic advisor gave me no advice!

Issues with the Home Stay Arrangement
• The most egregious issue is regarding our homestay arrangement. The address provided by don Quijote was incorrect. It is the address of the host’s sister. To be clear, it is not the address of the homestay hosts and not the location where Bonnie and I lodged and expected to be. We stayed at a different location, not the “central residential neighborhood” as described in the homestay description and it was located twice as far from the school as communicated. Don Quijote and our hosts put us in a very awkward, worrisome and quite frankly, un-safe situation. A very unsafe situation! Bonnie and I simply did not know where we were, our address, how to travel to the school in the morning, etc., nor could we tell anyone where we were. This is a totally unethical and dangerous “bait and switch” practice! This is a horrible way to treat a customer, an unethical business practice if not illegal, and one that should never be condoned!
• To make things worse, our hosts did not provide Bonnie and I the correct address until the morning of our third day in Oaxaca, even though we asked them multiple times! During the first two days we were not able to return to the property on our own accord because we did not know the address of our homestay. We had no choice but to rely on our hosts to pick us up after school. It ruined our Monday evening because instead of eating dinner with our fellow students, we waited for our hosts in a heavy rain for over an hour to be picked up. The school had closed its doors, so we waited outside under cover of a nearby building in the rain. We were soaking wet and did not eat dinner that night nor breakfast the next morning!
• During our wait in the rain it became apparent our hosts were not familiar with the exact location of the school. How is that possible? We saw our host drive by the front (and only) entrance to the school three or four times without looking or stopping before finally picking us up.
• It was only on our third day that we had the correct address needed to travel around the city on foot and taxi.

Issues with the Homestay itself
• Again, the location of the actual house was twice as far as what was communicated by don Quijote. Instead of an easy 15-minute walk, it was a difficult and dangerous 30-minute walk: difficult because the property is located on an extremely steep hill and dangerous because the traffic on the street leading from the hosts’ house is very heavy with narrow and obstructed sidewalks.
• There are no nice stores, restaurants or bars near the homestay. While our fellow students spoke of 5-minute walks to pleasant cafes and restaurants, Bonnie and I walked at least 30 minutes before arriving at one.
• We did not have WIFI at our homestay until late afternoon Wednesday, halfway through our entire week stay.
• The price of the room, given the location and amenities is super overpriced, as compared to the lodgings of our fellow students.
o The bed, linen, pillows were all very uncomfortable and of poor quality.
o There was no couch, not a single comfortable chair to sit. Only picnic-style benches and stackable metal chairs with no cushions.
o There was no refrigerator for cold drinks or perishable food.
o The host gave us a coffee maker on our second day but only instant coffee.
o There was a gas stove, but it did not work. There was no microwave, no way to cook or reheat food.
o On the first night, the host had to send her husband out to buy us each a 1-liter bottle of water because there were bugs inside the 5-gallon water container they intended for us to use.
• The noise in the neighborhood was incessant. Dogs barked and fireworks boomed all night long, every single night. This is not an exaggeration.
• Don Quijote gave us insufficient details regarding the correct address, quality, condition and amenities of the property for Bonnie and me to make an informed decision. Had we received this information, as should be any traveler’s expectation, we would have never accepted this arrangement.

Issue with the Pick-up Service
• We expected a professional pickup service. Your communication said, “One of our drivers will be waiting for you with a don Quijote sign bearing your name to be easily spotted.” We were quite surprised to see the host family at the airport with a paper sign waiting to pick us up. We realize now that we should not have had to pay extra for the pickup service.
• The extra charge for the pickup service was exorbitant, $70 US dollars. We subsequently learned that a taxi ride from the airport to the hosts’ home is only $6 dollars US. For that price we expected a professional pickup service that we never received. Instead we were picked up by the hosts in an uncomfortable car with no seat belts, no air conditioner, no anything. This is a total rip-off, a cheat, and a positively shameful business practice for which we demand reparation!

To be clear, I have documented and can show evidence of all that I’ve said above. If don Quijote cares even a little about the safety of their clients, or at least their own reputation, they will meet refund what monies I have requested in a separate e-mail. I await your response.

Scott Bureau

What would you improve about this program?
Actually give academic advice. Stop cheating your students with homestay and airport pickup ripoffs!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Una Experiencia Muy Buena

I had a very positive experience! In addition to normal Spanish grammar and conversation classes, I enjoyed the other activities offered by the school as well. The classes focused a lot on conversation practice-which is really what I - then had sections of grammar as well, which was invaluable to my work here. The staff is really nice and they all have a sense of humor too! I really enjoyed my time at Don Quijote and I will continue to participate in the activities.

What would you improve about this program?
I thought the language classes were really great, but there is never any harm in teaching more grammar. I would just say more grammar.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Mt Don Quijote Experience

I have never taken classes in Spanish before, therefore I am very happy with my current progress (3 weeks in). My fluency in the language has benefitted primarily from the discursive style of teaching. So for me, conversation classes which accompanied the grammar and the books, was the best component of my Spanish immersion. I also really appreciate the accessibility, helpfulness, and sense of humour of the staff and teachers. A must with Don Quijote is participating in the dance classes, and the supervised excursions and tours. Overall, really happy!

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Yes, I recommend this program

wonderful city and amasing people

I spent 4 weeks in oaxa and learnes a lot. I went to school in the morning and vokuntered for the red croas in the afternoons. I learned grammar and basics at school and fluid and fast conversations at work. It was a great experience !

What would you improve about this program?
It would be nice of there where couches or some place to relax at the school


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Why did you decide to study abroad with don Quijote?

I think that studying a language abroad is the best way to improve quickly. I love Madrid and I have always wanted to live here, it made sense to live and learn (improve) in the same city. don Quijote has a great reputation for professionalism, and I had a very positive experience here last year. There was no doubt that don Quijote was the right choice for me this time around.

What did don Quijote do for you?

Don Quijote was a great way to get the intensive formal learning – both grammar and conversation – that I needed to build confidence and to put into practice my learning outside of the classroom.

Describe your most meaningful experience with don Quijote?

I love the multicultural mix of students; I didn’t expect to learn so much about other cultures outside my own and Spain so that has been eye opening and unexpected and enriching experience.

Do you feel you got a chance to see the city from a local's perspective with the help from don Quijote?

Absolutely. While I did not participate in any of don Quijote's organised trips, the teachers all share their experiences which helped to understand more about the Spanish culture. The cultural classes and a welcome addition to formal classes. Learning a little about the real lives of teachers helped me to feel I had more understanding of what it means to inhabit in the city.

Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Laura Delgado

Job Title
Spanish Teacher

What position do you hold at Don Quijote? What has been your career path so far?

I started working in Don Quijote Barcelona as a Spanish teacher in 2006 for one year. It has been 3 years since I started working in Madrid.

Describe a time when you felt especially proud to be part of the Don Quijote team:

When we teachers work together to help a colleague or when we think about how to make the class more attractive or productive for students. What I like most in this team are my coworkers: they are very professional and good to work with.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

The best stories are those in which the students continue learning Spanish and students with great memories of their stay in Spain and their teachers.

What about the future of the industry? How do you think study abroad and international education will change over the next years?

I think in the future, the online lectures will be much more demanded. Thus, we will see a boost of e-learning platforms as well as mobile applications for education.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being successful company? What unique qualities does your company possess?

I think that a successful company is that which offers a quality product. In our domain, quality means good materials, teaching professionals, personalized teacher-student treatment, those additional activities which enrich the learning process, etc. I think it'sa good ideatohaveDon QuijoteSpanishschools in manycities. In this way, students can continuetheir courses andsee different places.

But in my opinion, the best product that our company may offer is human resources.