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Ecologia Youth Trust is an international charity based in Scotland started in 1995. With our partner INTERNATIONAL PEACE INITIATIVES (IPI) an international non governmental organization based in Kenya, working to support and advocate for the needs and rights of children and women who are orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS, we are now offering a unique opportunity to volunteer in Kenya.



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Great time in Orion

It’s a great time for my team to stay in Orion. There were different activities and service arranged for us to do which were also something that we have never done and seen in Hong Kong. And it is so great to spend a time with roster families, singing song together, dancing and playing with each other’s. Those were the precious moments! And the place is stunning! We did even see a double rainbow there which we have never seen in Hong Kong! That day was the best day in our trip! We do like to encourage people in Hong Kong or other countries to take time to mak a visit in Orion. It is believed that they would have a great time and experiences and also widening their horizons, having some unforgettable memories with their friends. We are so thankful to have this chance

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My initial goal was to go to Africa without being a tourist, discover what I could of local culture and hopefully help some people.

Too many programs that I found just seemed like this cliche "build a house or teach english"; the cost of these programs seemed to me too high and the actual value created was dubious in my opinion.

I found IPI through Ecologia Youth Trust, and after reading extensively about it I decided it was this or nothing. Ultimately I found that I was very much encouraged to take any initiatives I wanted and very free, so independence was key here. I noticed that quite a few projects had been started but not finished, so decided to follow through on those that interested me: production of methane/biogas from cow dung before using it as fertilizer or their solar photo-voltaic system.

The most remarkable feature of IPI is how it is just such a magnet for fascinating people. Without leaving Meru I was able to meet the most interesting of people from all over the global north and eastern Africa. The diversity of conferences held during my time there were a great complement to the more manual work that had been my primary focus initially.

I came to Kenya as Kilian, a foreigner in an unknown country. Seven months later, I left as Mwongera with a new place I know I can come back to, what some would call a home.

What would you improve about this program?
Hard to say, it was pretty perfect.

Be prepared for the most serious rains of your life if your staying long enough.
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Yes, I recommend this program

IPI: A Place of Empowerment

I volunteered at International Peace Initiatives, Kenya (via Ecologia Youth Trust) for three months. IPI owns two large properties (just a few minutes walk from one another) in Kithoka, Meru County. Kithoka is a beautiful and lush rural area surrounded by nature and many small farms. One site is called “Amani” and the other “Tiriji”. At Amani there is a children’s home and a vocational college. At Tiriji there is an eco centre (large variety of plants grown there), residence building, and a conference centre.

Everyone at IPI and in the surrounding community is so welcoming and friendly. You will feel very at home right away. IPI’s founder, Dr. Karambu, is a very inspiring woman with so much to offer. In volunteering at IPI you will learn about yourself, about life in Meru County, about leadership, and about running a grassroots NGO.

I highly recommend this experience. At IPI you are not a volunteer, but rather a member of a team, a family, and a community.


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