Ecuador Spanish Language School

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Come to this school and enjoy private or group lessons based on your learning choice. Our school has a variety of programs in many places including Ecuador. We not only provide language lessons but we also give our students access to many activities - surfing, climbing, cooking, dancing, and many more.


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Ecuador Review

At the time in my life that I traveled to Ecuador I wanted to go to medical school. I realized short after that I wanted to become a teacher instead. That said, I wouldn't trade my experience. I had the opportunity to spend time volunteering in a variety of hospitals and clinics in Quito, Ecuador. I had the opportunity to live with a host family where they made me feel at home. I had fantastic living conditions with a bedroom and bathroom to myself. They cooked for me and fed me plenty of food. I never felt hungry and I ate authentically. I loved having fresh fruit, tea, and ecuadorian dishes. I was able to travel the country during long weekends . I spent some time in Banos where I went white water rafting and relaxed in the hot springs. I also had the opportunity to travel to the rainforest where we went biking and hiking to a waterfall. It was fantastic! I loved my time in Ecuador and I would definitely return.

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The program was fantastic!


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