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Edutrip International Culture Exchange Co., Ltd, which aims at being International Teenager Educational & Travel Program Expert and providing TEENS with educational trip products. Over 2,000 students from 50+ nationalities have joined our Mandarin Summer Camp, Community Service Volunteer Abroad Program, Kungfu Program, school trip, themed events as well as Mandarin Class. We mainly comprises of two departments, inbound and outbound. In our programs, we try to combine education with traveling together. In Chinese Mandarin Summer Camp, we combine the Mandarin teaching with traveling, giving our students an unforgettable experience. During the Community Service program, students can go deeper than being a tourist and actually help conservation and education development efforts in a strategic way.

At Edutrip International, we bring the text book to students' life. Exploring culture, making friends and having fun are the core of everything we do in our program.



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Yes, I recommend this program

I used to be extremely curious about how Chinese students study in real life, luckily by this voluntary chance I went to Chinese school in forth-tire city, feeling、touching and listening to their school life in person. This was an extremely impressive experience. I made a lot of foreign friends there and learned mandarin from them. We really had a good time there. I strongly suggest that teens all should go abroad to see their peers’life, for this can shape your ways of thinking and doing. From all perspectives I think this program is definitely worth a try.

What would you improve about this program?
maybe domitory setup is a little simple, but very clean from the other perspective.
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Yes, I recommend this program

This meaningful volunteer experience bettered my understanding of oriental culture and Chinese students. Team buildings and various kind of activities really enriched our volunteer experiences. Through this program of volunteer abroad, I learned a lot about Chinese students’school life, which is definitely different from ours.And I made many friends not only Chinese students but also volunteers from other countries. Overall it was a very worth-trying volunteer program. I love this kind of abroad experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I like this summer camp very much. I had a wonderful and unique experience in Beijing,China. The program schedule is very helpful in detailing this summer camp and two weeks for us is an ideal duration for this program. The morning mandarin classes in traditional courtyard of Beijing are very impressive,and various activities allow students to practice mandarin they had just learning in class,I think that is very useful for learning mandarin.The Great Wall, calligraphy and painting lessons are all highlights in this camp.Great job and congratulations for a successful program.

What would you improve about this program?
Actually,nothing is disappointing but beyond expectation.


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Kevin Liu

Job Title
Product Manager
Kevin has been engaged in the Educational Tourism Industry for more than 10 years and has accumulated abundant experience in practice. He hopes to bring the Chinese culture to the whole world and share its value with those who love it the most.

What does the future hold for Edutrip International - any exciting new programs to share?

As an international educational Chinese travel agency, we would like to provide more specific educational trip products, especially the ones with traditional Chinese characteristics in the future.

We will incorporate more Chinese elements with our summer camp programs, so as to help those who are interested in China have more access to authentic Chinese culture not only from the textbook, but also from the real Chinese life.

In our future, we plan to develop more original Chinese-style summer camp, including Beijing Hutong Mandarin Summer Camp, Shaolin Kongfu Mandarin Summer camp, Chinese Minority Culture Summer Camp etc.

What unique qualities does your company possess?

As our slogan goes, “EDUTRIP is a place where ‘U’ can Explore Diversity, Touch Reality and Improve Personality”. Based on the 5000-year Chinese history, we try to make our Chinese summer camp products more specific with typical Chinese style.

We not only put some well-known Chinese elements like Kongfu, Opera, Calligraphy etc., but also some local culture elements like Hutong, Pottery Art, Chinese Buddhism and Taoism etc. Compared with other companies, we pay more attention to the combination of Chinese culture and Chinese language education with tour experience and community service.

What changes would you make to the study abroad industry?

Study abroad is a kind of experience that makes students have chance to be exposed to different cultures. So, the basic aim of study abroad is to explore the world or society which is totally strange to you.

Compared with adults, teens are easier to accept the difference and be influenced by those cultures. So, we will focus more on teens in the future.

They will have more cultural goals rather than money-making goals when they study abroad. And the meaning of study abroad can be changed from getting degree and making money into an opportunity to explore diversity, to touch reality and improve personality.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

In Edutrip International, concentration and responsibility are given top priority. Only these two are reached, can a company have chance to become a successful one. We concentrate on every detail of our products we make and do our utmost to make it best. From curriculum to activity arrangement, our products involve traditional Chinese culture elements as much as possible, which makes it possible for us to be the best Chinese language culture summer camp around the world.

As for responsibility, we take care of every camper with our full heart and strain to satisfy everyone’s need for being exposed to as much Chinese culture as possible in a short two-week period.