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We offer study abroad programs focusing on career advancement. Whether you are able to take a whole semester or just a few weeks for your study abroad program, we will give you all the best tools to showcase your experience in your resume.

Sign up for Spring, Summer or Fall semesters in Brussels, Belgium and enjoy a vast array of courses in English as well as a 25 hour per week internship with top offices. Get some real world experience in policy making, government relations, sustainability studies, business, marketing, and much more in the heart of Europe. You will be exposed to a cosmopolitan environment while living in a human size city.

Thanks to our individual coaching program you will be able to map out your career strategy and create your immediate plan for success. We will help you figure out what to do right now to maximise your career options going forward.

Bring your positive energy and be open to learning, we will help you bring out your internal superhero!



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Yes, I recommend this program

Brussels - an exciting place to work in the Human Rights field.

Brussels it an exciting city to work in the Human Rights field so, in that sense, it is always a good idea to do an internship in such a dynamic city. Personally, I found the experience enriching. I was able to acquire a general overview of how to prepare asylum requests. In addition, as a jurist, I was able to increase my legal knowledge on human Rights Law, mainly Humanitarian and Refugee Law, but also the European Union Standards regarding the management of the so called refugee crisis. I think the internship was valuable. Throughout the program I was always supported by the staff and I had some professional coach sessions with my internship program supervisor which I found really useful for my professional career and personal development. I definitely recommend Go for it Brussels!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
I think future interns should see this experience not only as a way to improve their CVs but also (and most importantly) as a personal development mechanism. An internship abroad is, indeed, a multilevel learning process, I would say that interns should be open-minded and committed to their goals. Not every day is going to be easy but that's also part of the process! Finally, I would also recommend future interns to take this opportunity to engage in the Brussels networking bubble with I found it incredibly useful and challenging.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Wonderful Experience in Brussels

As we all know, European Union is an exceedingly well-known internaltional political organization. This program gives me the opportunity to work in the European Parliament, the EU's directly elected part. The program itself is quite exciting, isn't it? All warmth and goodliness stand behind you, will not meet directly, but as long as you have been going outside bravely, it will follow along all the way. Where there are obstacles that can not be overcome, everyone is the strongest guy to advance bravely. The girl who has been protected by my parents for so many years really seems to have grown up. I know how to protect myself when traveling alone. No matter how bad it is, I also know how to keep calm and compassionate. Goodbye, Brussels. I don't know if there's any chance to see you again. Thank you for accompanying me to welcome the spring of 2019. May I have the courage to keep moving forward.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Just be brave and confident to do things you want to do! Go for it and join us.
Response from Go For It Brussels

Hi Yunrui,
Thanks for the great comments! I think it's great that you chose to have an internship in policy although you are a STEM student. Getting out of your comfort zone and expanding your views will be so helpful in your career! Good luck :-)

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Yes, I recommend this program

wonderful experience working as an intern trainee in European Parliament

During my time as an intern, I carried out extensive research upon diverse topics based on multiple sources to find novel materials and information including previous research papers, going through the annual reports of companies, browsing the official websites of certain organizations and institutions and searching news reports etc..
I analysed the subject files of Employment and Social Affairs Committee and wrote a report on the latest concerns of the Committee, covering the issues of labour market impacts of digitalisation and robotics, work-life balance, and CRPD (Convention On The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities) network.

I really improved my research skill, writing technics and ability to process multiple tasks simultaneously during my stay here. And everyone in the office is really kind to me, teaching me to accomplish my works in a better quality and efficiency.

My agent for this internship Jennifer is being helpful and available all the time. She helped me get this job and helped me settle in and also improve my evaluation form. Most importantly, she finally helped me get the letter of recommendation with really good comments. I feel so grateful that I am getting so much help from her either at work or just in daily life in Brussels.

Response from Go For It Brussels

Thank you Zhixuan for your excellent comments, it was a pleasure working with you! You have been very easy to coach thanks to your strong motivation and quick learning, you really deserved the recommendation you received! I look forward to hearing about your next steps, don't forget to let me know how you are doing :-)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Review on EP Internship

In general, I consider it a nice experience to take part in the EP internship program.

I was pleased to be a intern in the Office MEP Babara Matera, as I am mostly interested in the issues of gender equality while Ms Matera is exactly the Vice-Chair of the Committee on Women's Right and Gender Equality. Thanks to the open atmosphere of European Parliament, I was free to audit almost all the meetings interesting me. In the process of listening to the thought-provoking statements and the heated debates, I gradually widen my knowledge and enrich my thoughts.

Another big lesson for me was the awareness of my shortcomings: lack of professional experiences, unqualified language skill, introverted personality, etc. Painful as it was, I must admit that the six-week internship made me realize the fact that I was still far from the person I wanted to be, and therefore I should keep struggling.

Apart from work, the sojourn in Brussels was also a delight to me. Famous for its international diversity, Brussels may be the best city to explore multiple cultures. For me Brussels was also the kindest foreign city where I hardly felt the sense of exclusion which was always with me during my sojourn abroad.

What would you improve about this program?
It's a pity that I had never met my MEP, let alone communicate with her. Besides, I was much less busy than I had imagined. Although many may think it's great to be free, I wish I had undertaken more work. After all, I was there to improve myself.
Response from Go For It Brussels

Thank you Fengting for your kind words, I am delighted that you enjoyed the experience and felt like you fit in. Moving to a different continent for some time is a huge source of learning, so congrats on your great attitude!
I'm sorry you didn't get to meet your MEP, it's true that some officials prefer to work from a distance, but I chose her office for you because it's very active on the topic of Women's rights which you are passionate about .
Good to hear back from you after the experience, good luck with your grad school application, I hope my recommendation helps!


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