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We care about your professional advancement and leave no stone unturned to help you. Whether you are laser-focused on your career path, or you are still figuring it out, we give you tips and tools to engage an international network, confidently speak about your accomplishments without 'selling yourself', know the ins and outs of any job application process.
Brussels is a very cosmopolitan city, where you will meet people of different languages and nationalities every day, while enjoying the comfy human size of a mid-size city.
The Spring and Fall semester programs allow you an in-depth look at the city and the work at your internship office where you will work 25 hours per week. At the same time, take courses in English to gain credit towards your academic program at home and discover Europe, only a short bus ride or budget flight away.
If you don't have time for a semester, join the summer program: affordable no-hassle 8-12 week programs with flexible starting date, April to June.

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Review on EP Internship

In general, I consider it a nice experience to take part in the EP internship program.

I was pleased to be a intern in the Office MEP Babara Matera, as I am mostly interested in the issues of gender equality while Ms Matera is exactly the Vice-Chair of the Committee on Women's Right and Gender Equality. Thanks to the open atmosphere of European Parliament, I was free to audit almost all the meetings interesting me. In the process of listening to the thought-provoking statements and the heated debates, I gradually widen my knowledge and enrich my thoughts.

Another big lesson for me was the awareness of my shortcomings: lack of professional experiences, unqualified language skill, introverted personality, etc. Painful as it was, I must admit that the six-week internship made me realize the fact that I was still far from the person I wanted to be, and therefore I should keep struggling.

Apart from work, the sojourn in Brussels was also a delight to me. Famous for its international diversity, Brussels may be the best city to explore multiple cultures. For me Brussels was also the kindest foreign city where I hardly felt the sense of exclusion which was always with me during my sojourn abroad.

How can this program be improved?
It's a pity that I had never met my MEP, let alone communicate with her. Besides, I was much less busy than I had imagined. Although many may think it's great to be free, I wish I had undertaken more work. After all, I was there to improve myself.
Yes, I recommend this program

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