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Join Handshouse Studio to volunteer in Poland and make history! Handshouse Studio is a nonprofit organization that strives to educate and inform the public about history, arts, and science through hands-on techniques. Handshouse Studio holds workshops, volunteer projects, and more. Handshouse Studio focuses on restoration and replication projects in Poland.


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Synagogue Replication Project

Traveled with a group of students to Poland for three weeks. While there, we learned a little bit about the history of Poland during World War II and the effects it had on both the country itself and the Jewish population. The new Museum of the History of Polish Jews, hired HandsHouse to make a giant replica of the roof of a synagogue that was destroyed during WWII. This temple has much significance for history, architecture, and the Jewish religion. Students worked a long side professionals to first build the structure and then following sessions painted it.


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