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Today’s competing job market focuses not on the bookish knowledge possessed by a candidate. Rather it demands technical skillset to be portrayed in a manner that you stand out of the box as compared to the other candidates. Henry Harvin is one of the institutes working for such candidates on the professional and technical front. It imparts courses that bridges the gap between the academic content and the actual demand of the present scenario.

Henry Harvin is reaching heights in US, South Africa and India with TEFL being one such certification course that is the need of the hour if one wishes to teach English abroad. With the increasing demand of such certifications, the institute constantly focusses on grooming the undefined technical skills of a student. These courses help a student to gain the knowledge which forms the core of the hidden job market. And to explore such opportunities, constant brushing up the knowledge is of the utmost importance.



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Henry Harvin was a great place to complete the TEFL course. Packed full of info with the necessary tools you need to get you out there and teach wherever you want in the world. With a great support network, acknowledging fun as well as the grind, covering career advice, and more, you’ll be sure they’ll get you on your way.


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