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Henry Harvin Education offers a comprehensive 120-Hour Online TEFL Certification Course accredited by the American Association of EFL (AAEFL). The course has extensive coverage of language skills, classroom management, availability of 24/7 recorded videos, and placement support.

Benefits of choosing us:
- 1-year membership of TEFL Academy
- Practicum teaching practice
- Time and location flexibility
- AAEFL Accreditation
- Exclusive LMS access for high-quality recorded videos and learning material
- Regular job support through mails

  • Complete transparency of the course by availing free demo videos from each module. So, you can give it a go before purchase.
  • Learn innovative lesson planning and teaching of reading, listening, speaking, and writing focusing on Receptive and Productive skills.
  • Deep insight into classroom management and how to manage misbehaving students.
  • Develop unique, out-of-ordinary teaching methods to engage the students.
  • The internship and placement support team offers career services and groom your Interview skills.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Tefl review

I could not have asked for a better 'fully loaded TEFL Certification course. The level 5 course I took was incredibly detailed and made me feel as though I was sitting in teachers college, with the experts upfront. Not just that but the acknowledgement is outstanding, helping you enhance where you can, answer any topics you may have and still manages to give the positive courage we need to keep going. I'm so glad that I finally utilized to take this TEFL course and feel ready for the Henry Harvin destiny that awaits me. If you've been waiting or questioning the versatility or importance of this course, think no more, just take off it! For those of us who have no extra degrees in teaching, this surely makes me realize as though I can compete with the educators I've seen in academies. Thanks, Henry Harvin for the great knowledge I've earned.
The main purpose of the Henry Harvin TEFL certification course will be to make sure you pass the TEFL certification test as the first try. It is a carefully organized course for the same.
You will be able to educate your learners confidently and analyze them without any bias. It will help you to eliminate all difficulties that come your way while educating them.
You will get a sharp knowledge of each student’s psychology and will be able to come up with a beneficial plan to educate each student efficiently such that it advantages them.
It will help improve your education skills and productivity skills by approving efficient techniques for a course and time management.
After finalizing the TEFL course, you will earn this comprehended certificate. You will get job vacancies from around the nation and will be able to travel to several places with various cultural bits of knowledge and rich origin.
This course will also provide you with an edge over other competitors.
You will be provided two levels of examinations in this course, one after each subject and another after the full course, which will assist you to check your awareness of the topics and the full course.
Therefore, if you have a good knowledge of English, a flair and affection for education and want to get a TEFL certification course, this Henry Harvin TEFL certification course online will be the decent choice for you.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Tefl review

Hi, I am jack james and I have just finalized my TEFL Qualification through the Henry Harvin Academy. It has been an enormous experience and very delightful learning knowledge. I am very excited to get begun in my teaching career abroad. If you are looking at an institute to qualify in a TEFL course, then the Henry Harvin academy is the option to go for.
I did the online classes of the TEFL course at the Henry Harvin and was very impressed with the course. The format, study material and outcomes were very clear and instructive. The topics for the tasks and how it was put together were also very fascinating. I thought this course would be exhausting as languages are not my chosen field of study but I was pleasantly shocked and would recommend the Henry Harvin course to everyone.
The course was very creative. The study materials and assistance were very helpful and the teachings to activities and tasks were clear and understandable. The website is simple to utilize and is very established. One of my favourite things about TEFL course is that when doing your tasks, you can do them offline there is no pressure and workload, trust me you will enjoy. Thank you, Henry Harvin, I feel glad to be a part of TEFL certification classes.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Henry Harvin TEFL Review

Online classes have never been so fruitful ever, but this time it turned out to be. Yeah, I am talking about TEFL Certification Course because you are definitely here searching for TEFL reviews. So let me help to resolve all your issues. My name is Olivia Wilson and I have completed my TEFL course few months back from Henry Harvin training institute. Just to ease you and make your decision fruitful check out my Henry Harvin TEFL reviews.
The 120hrs online session covers the entire curriculum required to complete the course. The lectures are so well divided into small sessions that it helps to have a better understanding of the content. The course tutor Mr. Charles has been so supportive that his constant efforts have made the learning and understanding easy going. One thing that I was doubtful about before joining this institute was the placement help it would offer. I wasn’t pretty much sure about how well it may go. But now having completed it, I can say I was assisted completely in my placements. At each and every step the placement team was there to support and guide us to have better career prospects.
Sharing my TEFL Reviews through this platform might help you all to know more about this institute. So, if you are planning to make your career in teaching English then doing TEFL certification should be your priority as it leads to several career opportunities ahead. You may check out more Henry Harvin TEFL reviews by going to the website in detail. Gather all the information you wish to know and without any delay just start on with it as there are abundant opportunities knocking at your door. Hope you too have a wonderful experience with this. Wishing you a piece of good luck ahead.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Henry Harvin TEFL

Hi guys, I am Davis Wilson and I am writing this blog just to share my experience while doing a TEFL course at Henry Harvin Institute. TEFL Certification has gained importance in no time becoming the need of the hour if you wish to go for a career in teaching English. Just with the same thought, I looked into the institutes for providing the course online.
I came across this institute through an online portal and raised an inquiry about all the details about the course. I was assisted with all the relevant information by one of the institute counselors. Getting all the information about the course fee and online duration, I got convinced and registered myself to go ahead. The online 120hrs course is very well-strategized for one to understand easily. The course content is well divided into multiple sessions which help in better understanding. The support of the trainer was another thing that added to the easy-going course completion and a basic understanding of the tutorials.
Talking about placements and job opportunities, even after the course completion I was guided thoroughly for all the career options I could have for myself. With the constant support of the team, it was possible for me to land a job that leads to my satisfaction. Even the institute management team is supportive enough to assist the students in every possible way.
Considering all the overall aspects of the course, the team encompasses experienced professionals which makes our learning better and smooth going. I would surely like to recommend to you all that if you are looking for such an option, you could take this opportunity which you will surely not regret. Would also like to say thanks to the Henry Harvin team for this platform and for helping me to explore TEFL career opportunities.

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Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL Review

I have been an English teacher for 6 years but recently I decided to advance my teaching career by teaching English abroad as well. Though I had a 6-year teaching experience, I could not find a lucrative EFL teaching job without a TEFL certification. That’s when I decided to look into TEFL certification courses online so that I could continue with my local teaching job. Fortunately, I found Henry Harvin Education’s 120-hour self-paced online course for TEFL certification.
I raised a query with them and was instantly connected with their counsellor, Lisa through SMS. She cleared all the queries I had after which I enrolled in their TEFL course on April 21st, 2020. Due to my extensive background in the field, I completed the course in only 6 weeks. Their well-structured comprehensive curriculum amazed me and taught me enough tricks to make my classes appealing and immersive. So, not just me but my students were also benefited as I could make classes fun and enjoyable for them.
But the best part of the course was the placement support I received after the course. After finishing up my course, I got the TEFL certification at once which opened the doors to teaching English abroad and online for me.
Once I received the certification, Henry Harvin’s placement support team started sending me emails regularly for various job opportunities with companies like GoGoKids, Qkids, Magic Ears, and VIPKids. Soon they had lined up a bunch of interviews for me which they groomed me for and gave other career-related services. This was the thing that set them apart for me from the other institutes. Most of the institutes I looked into during my extensive research for TEFL courses pulled back their hands immediately after the course was over.
So, all things considered, it was a very profitable and beneficial investment for my career. My salary saw an enormous jump after the AAEFL accredited TEFL certification from Henry Harvin. Gladly, today I am teaching English to many Chinese adults and kids with almost double the salary.
I recommend every English teacher to get their TEFL certification from Henry Harvin, they have been a huge help to me.

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Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL Review

Hi all, this is Daniel Hall. I am asked by many about my experience with Henry Harvin’s TEFL certification course. So, I have decided to write this post to share my review of the institute and its TEFL course.
I was working as a Marketing Analyst in an MNC, but I wanted to get out of that tedious job and follow my dream of teaching and travelling. Since I was a beginner, I did my best to find the most about the field.
I have always known that English teachers are significantly in demand worldwide. But during my research, I found out that TEFL certification is equally significant to grab a respectable job. This is because the certificate authenticates the level of training necessary for handling students with diverse language and cultural backgrounds.
I looked for institutes providing online courses and came across Henry Harvin’s 120-hour self-paced course. Lisa, their counselor connected with me via SMS and explained the details. I was rather impressed by their comprehensive and holistic coverage of the essentials.
At once, I enrolled in their TEFL Academy and frankly feel this was one of my finest decisions and a profitable one too. The crafty tricks I learnt helped me boost the interest of my students in language learning. I, also, learnt how to tackle tricky misbehaving students which could become pretty scary sometimes.
In addition to this, the excessive efforts of their placement support team brought me job opportunities from companies like GoGoKids, Qkids, and many renowned schools and universities. The practical teaching experience and observing seasoned TEFL teachers tutoring students with different second languages fetched extensive differences to my teaching method.
On top of that, AAEFL accredited TEFL certification, which they provide, has quite some value in the teaching market.
I would like to extend my thanks to Henry Harvin and their entire team for my success and for being always patient and supportive. The course was worth it, and I would recommend it to everyone.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Henry Harvin TEFL Review

Hello friends, my name is Sania Williams. Are you scrolling this page to know about the TEFL reviews? I did the same a few months back. I searched several webpages digging about the TEFL Certification Course, its reviews and the best institute for doing the course. Finally, I landed on Henry Harvin’s website, scanned all the information deeply, read a few reviews, and decide to go ahead with it. Since I wasn’t pretty sure about this institute, dual thoughts kept hovering in my mind till I finished doing the course and had a positive outcome. So, now I am writing this review which might help you to resolve all your doubts like I somehow resolved mine.
I raised an inquiry request at Henry Harvin’s website and was contacted by one of their counselors. I was given all the details regarding the course. The online self-paced course was the best part that convinced me to join. I could do it as per my time and schedule. The online learning sessions are so well-strategized that I did not face any issues in understanding those topics. Moreover, the constant guidance and support of the tutor made it easy to grasp each and every point. I was also supported in all the placement and job activities. The various career opportunities with TEFL and how to go ahead with it was also discussed.
Since pursuing TEFL jobs abroad requires a lot of learning, this institute provided me with the opportunity to have various interactive learning sessions with students from various backgrounds. This helped in having a better understanding of the domain if one is inclined to go for it. So, my TEFL learning with Henry Harvin turned out to be a great learning experience. It was a risk I did not regret.

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Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL Course Review

Hello guys, I am Liam White. As a Henry Harvin alumnus, I have been asked by so many people about my review of the TEFL certification course and that’s why I have decided to write this post. I hope every one of you can benefit from my experience.

In the pandemic afflicted 2020, I decided to switch my career to enjoy what I love, teaching. I was a design thinking specialist earlier and so I had no information about this new field. I have always liked travelling and exploring diverse cultures. Therefore, I jumped into TEFL and I would suggest if you don’t like teaching or new cultures, TEFL is not the right career choice for you.

A friend told me about Henry Harvin Education and so I combed through their extensive course curriculum and teaching methods on their website. Stephen, their counselor contacted me and walked me through their 120-hour self-paced online TEFL certification course. I enrolled in their TEFL Academy on May 22nd, 2020 and at once I was provided with all the learning material.

I was impressed by their comprehensive, immersive, and well-structured curriculum. There were many tips and tricks on how to manage a class, how to understand the psyche of students, how to tackle a class full of students with diverse language backgrounds and other necessities of teaching an English class.

I am reaping the benefits of the crafty and brilliant strategies of engaging the students, today. I, also, worked upon the lesson plans for my students and gained deep insight into making the language learning classes super-fun for students.

The feedback and guidance of their trainer helped shape my lesson plans and taught me the essentials of being an EFL teacher. The consistent hard work of their placement assistance team helped me grab the perfect job for me which is very well-paying as well.

It worked out wonderfully for me, but it was all because I chose to get the TEFL certification. Yes, you will find plenty of English teaching jobs out there, but the respectable well-paid ones depend on this precious certification. So, I suggest you don’t skip out on it.

Henry Harvin turned out to be a profitable investment for me and would recommend it to everyone. Just like me, I hope you can also expand your career and take it to great heights.

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