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Our story starts five decades ago when I would hear a jackal howling during the night at our bushveld farm. I followed its tracks the next morning and, a few years later, when I had turned 18, I discovered the potential of adventure for self-discovery. I opened up myself for spiritual awareness and listened to people and their battles to find their own potential.

Five years ago we took over IALA from the pioneers who had started it and could put theory into practice at Still Bay, where we developed a campus for adventure and outdoor training. The backbone of any success story is based upon discipline and respect, hope and grace. We implement these values in the following program structure:

Understanding aspects that influence personal growth;
Promoting public good
Providing meaningful purpose
The principles we follow are run along the lines of experiential learning



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Yes, I recommend this program

My personal experience at iALA learned me great new life skills and appreciation for our country and it's wonderful sites to see. The friends you make through the year are friends for life. Skills that you acquire through the year helps you a lot through your life and you learn to become more competent in everyday things. Memories that will never die and friends that will never be forgotten. This is truly a program to join and do to the best of your abilities.

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Yes, I recommend this program

iALA was such an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone who loves nature and adventure!
The experiences and friends made at iALA cannot compare to anywhere else. This year I had the privilege of seeing some of the most beautiful places our country hs to offer. iALA welcomes students from all over the world which also proved to be very interesting and exciting, especially seeing how people from other countires experience our own.
I also had the experience to grow in my love for nature and adventure.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A year filled with fun. With all the fun comes activities where you test yourself and abilities. It is a hreat year wjere you send every day outside in the nature. You learn new skills and get to know yourself better. The planning of this year is great when you take in accoint the transport and food and planning. You learn alot of new skills which you can use in the future when making life desicions. You get a new set of skills that gives you a boost in the sense of you do your First aid level 3 and do a Lifeguarding course which you van use in everyday


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iALA Gap Year: Outdoor and Adventure Leadership Programme
South Africa
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The iALA vision is to develop leadership via the medium of adventure...