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The iALA vision is to develop leadership via the medium of adventure for young adults.

The importance of emotional intelligence to enhance effectiveness in young adults is important as we realize that the global village we are living in demands special skills to function effectively as human beings. We’ve got less space and more people.

The era of social media, however, illustrates quick fixes. These recipes don’t have a long lasting positive effect. Through adventure, we teach young adults the skill of determination and how to develop noble goals in order to define meaningful purpose. For us, the most important strategic step is to turn adventure on to its head…adventure is not the sole focus, developing authentic leadership out of adventure is of primal concern! This way around we lead with character within complex situations.

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Program Highlights
  • 40 Weeks Gap Year Program. (February to October) This program includes all the aspects of adventure leadership training focusing on health & safety plus search & rescue training and group dynamics.
  • Ocean Skills & Hiking. (February to March) The main focus is to learn about waves, tides, coastlines and the ecology of a healthy habitat. Ocean swimming, First Aid and Lifesaving form part of the training. We finish theterm with a hike in the Knysna Fore
  • Hunting & Survivor. (April to early June) The focus of this term is on understanding the Biomes of Southern Africa, hunting as skill plus surviving techniques. Tracking and guiding is included into the training. We do all the training against the backdro
  • Community Service. 4x4 Driving, Small Boat Handling & Fishriver Canyon Hiking. (July to August) The basic small boat handling will teach students more difficult ocean skills. They will be able to do 4x4 training at an extra cost, visit the Transkei for
  • SCUBA Diving, Mountain Biking & Rope Skills. (September to October) In the last term we are off towards the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean to complete our Scuba Diving and mountain bike training.

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Yes, I recommend this program

iALA Gap Year

My personal experience at iALA learned me great new life skills and appreciation for our country and it's wonderful sites to see. The friends you make through the year are friends for life. Skills that you acquire through the year helps you a lot through your life and you learn to become more competent in everyday things. Memories that will never die and friends that will never be forgotten. This is truly a program to join and do to the best of your abilities.

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Yes, I recommend this program


iALA was such an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone who loves nature and adventure!
The experiences and friends made at iALA cannot compare to anywhere else. This year I had the privilege of seeing some of the most beautiful places our country hs to offer. iALA welcomes students from all over the world which also proved to be very interesting and exciting, especially seeing how people from other countires experience our own.
I also had the experience to grow in my love for nature and adventure.

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Yes, I recommend this program


A year filled with fun. With all the fun comes activities where you test yourself and abilities. It is a hreat year wjere you send every day outside in the nature. You learn new skills and get to know yourself better. The planning of this year is great when you take in accoint the transport and food and planning. You learn alot of new skills which you can use in the future when making life desicions. You get a new set of skills that gives you a boost in the sense of you do your First aid level 3 and do a Lifeguarding course which you van use in everyday

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