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Insight Nepal was established in 1992 with a mission to give cultural experiences through volunteer works in Nepal.

Our services entail volunteer placements, language training, cultural orientation, local family home stay services, and outdoor recreations such as trekking and jungle safari.

We work hard to ensure that our volunteers have a quality cultural exchange with the local people during their entire stay.

We believe in fostering mutual respect between different cultures, giving personal and individual support to each volunteer, learning from each other and living responsibly.

Insight Nepal has more than 20 years of experience in serving international volunteers in Nepal.

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41 years old
Netherlands (Europe)

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To describe my experience in a few words, absolutely mindblowing. I had the most wonderful time with the students and everyone involved in this program. Naresh Shrestha and his wife are the most caring people I have ever met, and they display lots of effection towards themself and others around them. Bless them!

How can this program be improved?

Please check the schools you are working with, and screen them carefully. The school I was placed at was Holy Garden Boarding School, and they didn't respect and care for the students. They only care for the money they bring in. This is a one critical point, but my overall experience are great.

23 years old
Dijon, France

A very special experience


Last year, I spent 9 months traveling in India Nepal and Africa all by myself. I wanted to have a good secure and immersing start. Insight Nepal gave me that, and more way more! I stayed with a Nepalese family witch took care of me as if I was one of their own! Most of them could speak English but Nepalese classes by Naresh gave me the opportunity to share more than smiles and gestures with the mom and with people in the city!
I worked 6 weeks with an organization helping AIDS patients to get the care they need, and organizing prevention and screening programs! As a medical student I learned a lot and shared as much as I could of my own knowledge!
For my last week, Naresh introduced my with to a very sweet guide who made me discover the beauty of the Annapurnas!

I definitely recommend this program!!!

31 years old
Paris, France

What a wonderful experience!


What a wonderful experience!
From the Lonely Planet where I found Insight Nepal, to Pokhara where I've lived for almost three months, everything has been easy and magical. Insight Nepal found the perfect placement for me (Women's Skills Development Project), where I helped the business development for Europe. People were highly welcoming, I remember having cryed so much at my fairwell party when I realized I had to leave because I made so good connections with lots of them. Still now I miss them and we try to keep in touch sometimes.
I also stayed at the best host family in town, I enjoyed having a host sister, and a caring host mother.
Finally, Insight Nepal drove me to this amazing trek, where I discovered more on the beauty of this country; we went through Mountains, Jungles, diverse landscapes!
The culture and kindness of Nepali people is breathtaking.
No bad surprises, only pure discovery and happiness.
Naresh from Insight Nepal took care of everything. I highly recommend Insight Nepal for people who want to live an unforgettable moment of life in Nepal.

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Insight Nepal

Insight Nepal believes that serving others is one of the most worthwhile human endeavours. The main objective of the programm

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