INTESOL Nicaragua
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INTESOL Nicaragua

Study for your internationally recognised TEFL/TESOL certificate in the safe and friendly city of Granada, Nicaragua. Our experienced teachers will guide you through the four week intensive course, ensuring you gain the necessary skills to become a successful EFL/ESL teacher. Our partnership with a language school gives you the opportunity to practice techniques as you learn - plus receive immediate feedback. After course completion, we'll help you find paid or volunteer work through our vast network of contacts here in Nicaragua.

During the course we'll make sure you have plenty of opportunity to explore Granada's beautiful colonial architecture, colourful market and abundant bars and restaurants.

As part of INTESOL Worldwide, our course is accredited and certified by the well-respected UK-based ALAP. Your certificate will be accepted and valued by ELT employers around the world.

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Comprehensive, supportive TEFL course


I completed the TEFL certification hybrid (50/50: online/onsite) course in early 2017. Although I had some background in ESL/EFL, I needed classroom experience, an update on current, effective teaching methods and theories, and help with lesson planning. This program went well beyond providing me with all of these.

Instruction in theory and pedagogy is succinct but thorough and gives a broad understanding of the fundamentals of language acquisition and teaching methodologies. I would say the focus of the course, though, is on developing practical, effective classroom strategies. This includes extensive instruction/support in:
1. Designing lessons plans
2. Incorporating audiovisual aids and other resources into lessons
3. Managing/maximizing classroom time
4. Organizing/sequencing elements of presentation
5. Assessing/evaluating student progress
6. Accessing online and other teacher resources
7. Implementing self-assessment to continually improve as a teacher

Feedback from instructors is thorough and incredibly helpful. Each practicum is observed and followed up immediately (ie, right after class) with verbal assessment, suggestions, and support--which is in turn followed-up by a detailed written evaluation. Critique is both incisive and supportive. I continue to consult these evaluations in my current job teaching abroad.

Director Paul is an accomplished and committed instructor--and invested in the success of both TEFL and English language students. The English school affiliated with the program is deeply rooted in the community and supplies a variety of classes to local residents free of charge.

So glad I did this course. I'm confident and continually improving in my classroom now because of it.

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28 years old
University of Birmingham

Learn to teach in a beautiful city!


Completing my tefl certification with INTESOL was challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. There was a good balance between group sessions discussing teaching methods and actually getting in the classroom to observe some great teachers and deliver my own lessons. Paul is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic mentor, and will go out his way to help everyone succeed on the course. Paul and Cecilia are both really supportive and give useful feedback from lessons, they create a really positive atmosphere in the school and have great rapport with the local students. It was my first experience of teaching abroad and I definitely want to do more in the future.
The school is in a great building and well equipped, and in a very central location in Granada. The course can feel quite intensive and you will have a few late nights working but this means you will get a lot out of it. The course does allow you to 'have a go' at teaching for 4 weeks if that is what you want but it is more designed to help you genuinely start a good career in tefl teaching. And Paul arranges excursions at the weekends so you do get some down time!
I was lucky to have time to travel in Nicaragua before and after the course - definitely stay for longer than 4 weeks if you can to enjoy this amazing country!

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41 years old
Muscle Shoals
Athens State University

Don't wait!


My time with Intesol was one of the best experiences of my life!! Nicaragua is a beautiful country, and Granada is equally as majestic. Paul went above and beyond to help our class become the best teachers we could be. I forgot my laptop, but Paul was quick to let me borrow one. I couldn't have asked for a more accommodating and accomplished teacher than Paul. When you do a class like this, you become family with your other classmates. The other instructor, Cecilia, was equally as helpful. Their job is make a quality teacher out of you, and they do their job well.

The class itself is very intensive. Those looking to just skate by will be in for a shock. Great things don't come easy. This must be earned and will be appreciated the same. Paul does organize excursions for the weekends. Take advantage of this. He is very resourceful and will find the very best deals for the group. The feedback you receive from Paul, Cecilia, and your classmates is instrumental in molding you into the best you can be. Take advantage of the program's extremely competitive prices. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone. It is an unforgettable experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

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