A Living Lab for human sustainable development, social innovation through eco-cultural tourism

Jamadda Permacultural Park


Jamadda Project in Treasure Beach, South Coast, Jamaica: a prototype of co-creation of thriving communities with sustainable tourism.

Jamadda is both a physical space and a virtual community composed by people from Jamaica and from other countries united in the co-creation of a sustainable Ecovillage inside the wider community of Treasure Beach, which is now facing the challenge of an inclusive development through eco and cultural tourism

Jamadda is a living lab for testing - with design thinking and practical methodologies - possible ideas and affordable solutions to contribute to reach the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 while implementing Jamaican 2030 Vision. In this vision, which is a big process of co-creation of its future, Jamaica wants to be by 2030 a place of choice to live, raise a family and make business in a sustainable way. And we want to offer a testing field to make it happen for real while empowering local people creating social business incubator.



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