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At Jamadda we use Permaculture Ethics and principles to design the Human Sustainable Development we want for our community. We test solutions to challenging aspects of the life in Jamaica and then we spread them in our wider community. We work toward organic food production, natural building, water, waste and renewable energy management, education and training, appropriate technologies, environment protection and resilience to climate change.
Since we are located in the beautiful but fragile territory of Treasure Beach, in the South Coast of Jamaica, we wish to involve our travelers guests and volunteers in co-designing products and services to help the entire community in thriving.
We invite volunteers to collaborate with us at different levels:
1. Helping while learning in "on field activities" running on at Jamadda
2. Helping while teaching and collaborating in managing projects in the community
3. Helping while teaching and learning about leadership and project management

  • co-design projects, wonderful environment, cultural identity enhancement, nature preservation and valorisation, Rastafarian Culture in Practice
  • social impact, training the community in self-employment, social innovation, personal development

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