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Jobs And Internships Abroad is a leading agency specializing in international work placements, volunteer and intern abroad opportunities for graduates, young professionals, and students. 15 years of experience, more than 10.000 students sent abroad in 24 countries: UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Malta, Russia, China, India, Thailand, Mauritius, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa.

Jobs And Internships Abroad is also the premier organization for finding the ideal jobs and internships in France based on the experience and profile.

Jobs And Internships Abroad was established to provide new formulas and programs according to global socio-economic trends.

The organization also aims to encourage international relationships of students and young professionals from across the globe through cultural and social events fostering interactions.


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Life experience

I am a Chinese who graduated from Shanghai Maritime University, I got my Bachelor's degree and TEFL. And I started teaching 2 years ago, so I have 2 years' teaching experince. I want to apply for this job.

As a curious person, I've always been keeping moving. Since I entered my university, I have traveled five continents as a journalist. Met a shark or gunplay, hike in the the volcano area or surfing in the Indian Ocean. Traveling to these 20 countries brought me great happiness, and I am particularly interested in foreign cultures. Exploring becomes one of my life goals.

Exploring also improved the level of my English. I made a lot of friends. Talking with Native speakers became easy for me. Once I went to Indonesia, and I volunteered there as a teacher, I felt I found myself, fell in love with this passionate job. While I am teaching, my soul is totally free and I can take my kids to the old lakes, high mountains and moon in dress. I want to devote myself to overseas education with full enthusiasm. I think this is the reason I want to apply for this job.

I have passion, curiosity, creativity, and love for children. At the same time, I like to draw and sing. I'd love to say, what is the most important thing in English teaching is to emphasize the interest in stimulating children's creativity.

I hope you can give me this opportunity.

Best Regards.


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