The prestigious summer schools at LITE Regal EDUCATION are dedicated to academic excellence and are suited for 13 to 18 year olds who would like to gain an academic insight into their chosen subject and would like to study in the future in a prestigious university in UK or abroad.

The programmes take places at top UK Universities in London and Cambridge and participants from all over the world attend.

By housing small classes taught by highly educated tutors, whom are chosen from the UK's Top Universities and having a variety of nationalities you will come away more confident, independent and academically smarter. You will explore and practise your chosen subject and you will get the chance to have a taste of your profession in "Real World". Coupled with our action packed soc


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Yes, I recommend this program

Lite Regal Education Medical Internship Program London

My Medical Internship was extremely well organized. I choose the 2 week internship option residential and to be honest i wish I interned for another week. After 5pm I had free time to explore London and make new friends. Accommodation was centrally located in University accommodation. I will definitely recommend this as it has given me the opportunity to achieve what i needed and has expand my views to learning many things. its friendly atmosphere is very helpful for me and I really loved the internship.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
There are a lot of surprising things that happened to me while Interning abroad, I was with 2 other Intern and Shadowing Students from Portugal and Spain who were my age very friendly. We Explored London together. I would really recommend hiring the Santander bicycles which cost 2£ and a easy way to get around London. I also recommend a visit to borough market. Interning abroad with this program was extremely worthwhile and gave me a global out look on UK healthcare which is unlike US healthcare - in the UK they have national free healthcare.


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