Marco Polo Culture Exchange Program


Marco Polo Culture Exchange Program was established in 2016, contributing to intercultural understanding, encouraging oversea youth to explore Chinese culture and language by living with well-educated Chinese host families in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing and many other big cities in China.

Now for those “Marco Polos” of today, we has paved a new passage to China that is faster, safer and cheaper! Through living with a Chinese family, young people from overseas are provided a quick access to the Chinese language and culture. And showcase their own home culture to Chinese families.

All applicants of Marco Polo´s program cannot only experience authentic Chinese life but also gain deeper understanding on Chinese language and culture by taking Mandarin courses and cultural activities. With great responsibility, MarcoPolo Culture Exchange Program strives to make everyone feel like part of a happy and warm family.



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Yes, I recommend this program

Cultural Exchange

Marco Polo were great. I had a lot of trouble finding reliable and trustworthy programs to experience Chinese culture. They were so willing to take me onboard despite my limited language skills (I'd only started learning on an app called Memrise 3 months before moving to Hangzhou for 3 months).

The interview process, the staff and the information given about the program really helped me be confident in moving to China for this cultural exchange. Other companies and educational institutions didn't seem as welcoming or understanding.

They gave me cultural lessons and advice before I moved to China and picked me up from the airport when I arrived in China. They were so nice to me. The host family they paired me with was also really great and well suited to me.

I spent 3 months with the family where they taught me Mandarin, took me on cultural excursions, a holiday to Shenzhen and just really made me feel part of the family.

Although there were challenges adjusting to living with a Chinese family, having a group of exchange students and friendly Marco Polo staff to meet up weekly really helped to make me feel home. We all bonded super well. I made friends with people from the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and more. The Chinese lessons, cultural activities (art, calligraphy, sightseeing, kite making) were super fun, but most of all, living with a Chinese family and hanging out with Chinese locals in such an immersing environment is what I valued most of all with the program. I managed to go from barely speaking Chinese to bring very conversational and confident in my speaking.

What would you improve about this program?
It was great. No real room for improvement. However if there was one improvement, I would have liked to have had more language lessons because I loved learning mandarin so much!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Marco Polo Culture Exchange Program

This was my first time in China. Many thoughts and expectations were in my head before the trip. But this country has surpassed them all !
I was so warmly welcomed. To be honest, I did not expect it. Amazing! I am incredibly grateful to all of the staff of the Marco Polo program for the opportunity to plunge into the real Chinese life. I would like to pay special attention to the family that Marco Polo staff have chosen for me. I can not describe the extent of my joy! :) The family with whom I lived for 3 months was great , especially the three-year-old baby, Charlotte, with whom I spent almost all of my time. This summer we became not just friends, but a real family! This trip charged me with happiness and I want to inspire you to travel to China as a participant of this program. First of all, you will find friends from different parts of the Earth. Secondly, this program will allow you to immerse into Chinese culture and traditions. Thirdly, you will have a new experience and a lot of unforgettable memories. I promise, this program will change your entire life! I'm sure that I will definitely come back here again !✌️


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