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Yes, I recommend this program

2022 Mii Music Internship experiences

I applied to the music industry interns in 2022 to learn more about my career path and to see how I could fit into the music world. I will say that MII helped me the most with making the decision to go to my internship and reach outside my home country for the first time. I got the valuable lessons about independence, music industry and how to live in a new city. My work was a little complicated to begin, but after the first week it was more ok for me and my team includes me in most tasks and also to visit the record labels and introduce me.
My most important role was coming up with the new graphics for the marketing, and each week I was excited to do new tasks. I give ten out of ten for this experience.

  • good work to do
  • everything taken care of
  • housing easy to find
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Yes, I recommend this program

Mii Music Internships in London!

London is one of those unique cities where anything goes, and in the music world its all about cutting edge and breaking boundaries.
After 8 weeks I can say that I am mush more confident in how to run a studio session, how to use the boards, and how to run through multiple DAWs not just Logic Pro. You get to meet some really cool people, and have a lot of free time to experience the city and nightlife which was wild, and amazing. All said it was one of those once in a lifetime experiences. 10 out of 10.

What was your funniest moment?
Getting on the wrong bus on the first day, I went the opposite way to the studio, and found myself in Canary Wharf, in the East End, not Covent Garden!
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Yes, I recommend this program

New York, New York!

Interning in New York was a great experience for so many reasons - professional and socially. I was able to meet other people, share experiences, live like the locals in New York, and live my passion in the studio.

Before I went I knew the time would go very fast and each day I tried to see and do something different to really max my experience, and enjoy the time. My housing was with friends and not in the hostel, giving me a lot of freedom and ability to set my own time outside of the internship and weekends.

Music Industry helped me with all the planning before I traveled, but my social activities I planned myself, which I prefer.

Overall i’m very satisfied of this experience and i’d suggest it to everybody to try once, and follow your dreams!

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
ok top ten - statue of liverty - empire state building - Yankee stadium - electric lady studios -pizza slices - the hudson - 40/40 club time square - the highline bridge - central parc - little italy - village vanguard!
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Yes, I recommend this program

So this my review for June internship in London, England

My experience in London was very very interesting. London is a big city, and lots of things go on each day. When I arrived, I went to my housing, and prepared my clothes for the start. On the first night I traveled around Notting Hill to see the area, and meet my friend who live in London. In my housing food was given each night and also breakfast too.
My first day, I tried to arrive early to work to meet Roger, and took the metro, taking almost 20 minutes. I worked each day, and most of my time was in the studio recording and engineering, mixing and also setting the studio for the sessions with Roger or Tom. The studio was big and the desk and equipment very nice.. The console is 48 fader gemini. they have dynaudio monitoring and avid protools hdx3. In total, I worked with 18 sessions, learning a lot of new tekniques, and how a big studio must operate. Studio work was fun, and good to learn. Roger is great engineer, he passed my lots of tips and skill to use in future. The weekend was for me. I visit the Museum of Natural History, Hyde Park, Palaces, Soho, Covent Garden, Camdentown, Kings Road, Abbey Road Studio, and shopping in Oxford Street. On Sunday I do my language course for 5 hours. I like my time in London very much. The Music Industry Internship is very good. I like to try again next year.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
My amazing moment is to help for sessions with the singer Jorja Smith, and the rapstar Skepta.


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