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Open Book Teacher is Teacher Recruitment based in Bangkok, Thailand agency found in Summer 2015. We take duty on teacher recruitment and provide the placements for NES and Filipino teachers in many provinces around Thailand.

We recruit the teacher to teach conversational English or Grammar, Math, and Science in our schools with we are now in partner with more than 20 schools both public and private school and from Kindergarten to High School nationwide Thailand. Our team is composed of experienced Thai and Westerner advisers providing full support to teachers throughout their placement.


6/84 Ladprao 25 Ladprao rd,
Chankasem Jatujak
Bangkok 10900


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Yes, I recommend this program

I decided to take a year off after my graduation, after some online researches about South East Asia, I finally chose Thailand as destination and Openbook for my first teaching abroad experience (it was also my first trip oversea alone). I was full of doubts about my ability for this adventure, especially in the last days before my departure, I was so stressed out that I kept questioning the whole trip and kept thinking to myself "what am I doing? why going so far, why not Mexico, Panama...??". But the doubt was completely gone as soon as I exited Bangkok airport, I was there finally, totally overwhelmed with a mix of excitement, fear of the unknown and joy! I will always remember the feeling of the heat hitting me as I walked out of the air-conditioned airport hall, from 60 F to 100F, that was it Bangkok, Thailand! The day after I met the full Openbook team, they welcomed me and took care of me right away, I knew at that time that I was in good hands and was going to enjoy this experience fully.
If you think about a similar adventure, don't overthink it and just do it! ;)

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
A grilled yellow worm (the big ones..) on my first night in Bangkok (kaosan rd). Not that bad actually but definitely not my type of snacks!
Stone statue in BKK
Yes, I recommend this program

Following a bad break up, I took some time off and landed in Thailand for the first time of my life, enjoyed it to the point to extend my trip from a month to months! I found myself teaching in Thailand for 1,5 year and absolutely loved it. Their team helped me a lot by organising everything (preparation, arrival, transportation, accommodation, etc...) and taking care of work visa and work permit. The orientation was fun and very interesting, I learned a lot about Thai culture which was essential for me. I also found important to have a team able to advise me if needed, they are experienced and always ready to help! I definitely recommend this agency especially if you are a solo traveler, or for a first trip in Asia, they are honest, efficient, welcoming and provide a great support :))

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
I forgot my wallet on the bus during a weekend trip which could have been a nightmare, I had no money, no atm, and did not book a hotel yet.. so I contacted Jonathan from the agency who arranged me some funds sent right away via a local grocery store, that was greatly appreciated! Never found my wallet but spent a great weekend anyhow.



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