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Premier English is a British owned and operated English language school located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, China. Established in 2013 Premier English now has five branches in Qingdao and a team of 20 full-time English teachers from all over the world.

The dedicated work of our local staff and foreign teachers has built a reputation for Premier English in Qingdao as a leader in language education. We are looking for new additions to our team to grow with the school.

Teach English in China and make a real impact here in Qingdao, one of China’s most desirable and fastest-growing cities.


433 Xingyang Road
Chengyang Qu
Qingdao Shi
Shandong Sheng, 266109


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Yes, I recommend this program

What can you say about Qingdao. A unique city that questions your perception of Chinese cities. The beautiful beaches, the cosmopolitan feel, the helpful locals and community. Within this great city Premier English has 4 training centres in different parts of the city. The quickly expanding and growing English centre is incredibly trust worthy and supportive. All the staff and the managers gave constant improvement and training for all teachers.
A great training program was followed prior to taking your first class, so that in your first class you feel ready and given the tools to teach. All the necessary classroom aids were provided, as well as lesson plans for nearly all classes.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
My first class. Although Premier English provide a great training program to prepare you for your first classes, there is always a little nervousness. However, with the classroom aids and the lesson plan to follow, the first class went well. The kids were great and the school assistants were a great help.
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Yes, I recommend this program

From the start I was welcomed and treated like family. The school and staff are friendly and supportive. The environment is safe and people are kind and welcoming. As a teacher you receive at lot of respect. I am on my second contract and will continue working for Premier English untill they kick me out😜Untill then, I will willingly and happily continue working here in Qingdao for the best school ever!😀I am happy here and don't see myself leaving. This school is honest and above board. I cansleep soundly without any legal or safety concerns. 🙏😍

What would you improve about this program?
I would recommend coming here with VPN already loaded.



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