Guided sightseeing tours in Greece combined with language classes.

Real Education Tours


We offer high quality guided sightseeing tours combined with language classes. We teach seven different languages with special emphasis on English and Greek. We are also the official representatives of Oxford University in Greece and we give our students the chance to sit for the Oxford University Exams at the end of their course.

At the same time we believe that the best way to learn a foreign language is through practice. This is the reason why we want our students to experience things first hand, visit the countries they are interested in, chat with the locals, get to know their beliefs, their mentality and above all their way of thinking.

As we are the biggest language club in Greece we have 20 self-owned schools which gives our students the possibility to have classes in 15 different cities all over Greece.

Just choose the city you would like to visit and join us!



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