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Rift Valley Institute Of Business Studies

Why choose Rift Valley Institute Of Business Studies?

RVIBS is a TVET accredited technical college in Nakuru, Kenya. We are among very few learning institutions in Kenya with the need and passion for changing our world socio-economic problems through the youths. The questions we often ask ourselves, how can our youth be the future without unleashing their full potential regardless the disadvantages in the society like poverty, drug abuse, peer pressure in the today. We are trying to solve poverty through training, mentorship programs, community projects, sponsorships and connect the youth to the world at large.



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Yes, I recommend this program


The program profoundly impressed me with its exceptional support and the heartfelt warmth of Nakuru's community. The benevolence of the residents and the keen enthusiasm of the students created a homely and inspiring environment. Their authentic concern for my wellbeing and eagerness to facilitate my journey was deeply moving. I robustly endorse this program to students and individuals committed to community impact, offering both a remarkable experience and a substantive enhancement to their professional resumes.

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Yes, I recommend this program


RVIBS has swiftly grown into one of the most cherished destinations in the world for me, deeply intertwining with and significantly impacting my life. .
I had an incredible experience, particularly when engaging with the students who were truly remarkable. The staff and reception were exceptional, creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. The food provided was excellent, especially the unforgettable UGALI and the delectable assortment of vegetables. Additionally, I had the opportunity to visit Lake Nakuru, where the mesmerizing sight of flamingos left a lasting impression and made me yearn to revisit again in the future.

  • Exposure- I got to learn so much
  • Educative- there was so much to learn during the period.
  • Fun- I had so much and met a lot of people.
  • Drastic weather changes.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Experience

The general experience at RVIBS was great. The staff and students support was exceptional. I got to visit various places where I enjoyed the culture and interacted with the community. I would really encourage anyone looking for a place to volunteer to visit RVIBs in Nakuru, you will really have the exposure and experience you are looking for.

I realized the community around is not computer literate. I was privileged to share knowledge and skills and have an impact. I am glad that I got this opportunity that I will always treasure.

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Yes, I recommend this program

teaching helper

My initial journey to Kenya was slightly intimidating, as it was a new experience for me. However, the opportunity to volunteer at RVIBS turned out to be an incredible adventure that I wish others could partake in. The staff was outstanding, their support and warm hospitality were truly commendable. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the experience, so much so that I would not hesitate to return again and again.

Nakuru managed to capture my heart completely. And the local cuisine, mountain trekking, flamingo sightings, and safaris – it's hard to put into words how fantastic they were. I can only implore you to visit and immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience that Kenya has to offer

  • in country support
  • the adventures
  • the program was well planned
  • live in Kenya is a bit expensive compared to other countries in east Africa but worth it
  • The weather is unpredictable


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