Shinesaran Development Fund


Shinesaran Development Fund was founded year 2010 continuation work of “New Choice”
Mongolian Volunteer Organization is a non-governmental (NGO) was established year 2004.
Shinesaran Development Fund is non-profit leading national volunteer organization established for the purpose of assisting disadvantaged young and marginalized people in self-development by providing them with social and educational opportunities.
We are dedicated to serving society by empowering individuals and families through education and training, and to developing their inherent intellectual, material, spiritual capabilities and potentials to the fullest.
At present Shinesaran Development Fund is effectively running a different programs in Mongolia through volunteers. Its volunteers are working in the areas of English teaching, community development, media, management and the education of disadvantaged communities and organizing activities for children with special needs and children with cancer.



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Yes, I recommend this program

It is real good organization in mongolia

New Choice enriches the lives of the Mongolia community by providing a number of vital programs that may be fulfilled by anyone who has a passion to help.The first program focuses in providing the vulnerable children of Mongolia with an education system that gives them liberation from a live immersed in poverty and exploitation. While they give particular emphasis on teaching the children about health matters, this program is all about broadening the perspective of children who come from poor communities. The second service that New Choice provides is health care. The current doctor to patient ratio in Mongolia is about 1 to 750. New Choice seeks to address this problem by placing doctors, nurses, and medical schools students in hospitals and medial centers through out the country. They are looking more particularly for Internists, Urologists, Surgeons, Oncologists, Opthamologists, Nurses and Dentists. Due to the estimated 780,000 people in Mongolia who are currently living in extremely poor conditions, the third project of New Choice focuses on improving homes and building new ones. Any volunteer can participate in this. The most successful and popular of the projects is the Summer Camp that New Choice puts on. The goal of this is to teach children skills and abilities that they will be able to use later in life in a more relaxed environment. Not only does New Choice accomplish all of these projects through out the year but they are constantly building new projects, like Day Care Centres and a Mobile Clinic Service where their goal is to take "hospital to home".


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