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Study in Israel LLC - also known as Lirom Global Education

Study in Israel LLC - Lirom provides international students of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to study in Israel in English and experience firsthand the academic excellence and vibrant student life. With our partnership with Israeli colleges and universities, we offer a wide range of academic and educational programs for undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying in Israel.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Israel Bilingual Law Degree

The groundbreaking idea behind this program is genius: Train native English-speakers, primarily Americans, to be Israeli lawyers -- in English!

That's a fantastic idea!

For Israel, it's a first-time effort to tap into the great minds and personalities of America's youth to enter their legal field. For students, it's one-of-a-kind opportunity to really learn about the country, its history, political and legal workings -- in an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

Though, I've been in that country for years, within an extremely brief amount of time, I discovered levels of the underworking of the 'real' Israel far beyond anything I previously imagined.

The staff are extraordinarily bright, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

These are professionals.

But, at the same time, they're amazingly personable and encouraging.

This program is a fantastic channel for Israel's continued growth and expansion. And, a wonderful opportunity for students who want to grow personally and professionally.

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Yes, I recommend this program

wonderful sense of community

This course is taught through correspondence, and so more-so than regular courses the readings and lecture participation is on the onus of the student to be proactive and up-to-date. Through the website they measure each student's participation in the forum and that is consistently lively and over the course of the program we become familiar with the other students prior to the on-campus segment. It's a wonderful, broad course that covers many vital components of Jewish education and organisational management.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Bi-lingual LLB? Think again

As an English speaking student who had recently immigrated to Israel to pursue my dream of studying law I was very excited to find a program that offered assistance to English speaking students as well as unique international programs.
First year all of my classes were in English and it was great. Second year we discovered that the advertising had been very misleading and although the program bragged about 50% of the studying being conducted in English, it's really closer to 30% and harder to get the aide needed when dealing with mandatory Hebrew classes. I happen to have a strong command of Hebrew so I was able to adjust, but not everyone in the program has that advantage. Overall I would say I'm happy with the program, I'm partaking in a seminar in Paris this upcoming July, there are internships at Harvard and Oxford, semester abroad programs around the glove, and countless other opportunities to interact with the global legal community.
The staff is extremely helpful, although hard to get through to.
I would recommend this program to anyone who would benefit from the English language advantage, but is comfortable enough in Hebrew so they don't suffer the same tremendous letdown I did.

What would you improve about this program?
The ad campaign can be switched to reflect the reality more accurately as there is no way to complete half the required courses in English.

I think students would benefit from being walked through the process at the beginning (enrolling in electives, credit requirements, etc.) as opposed to having to navigate it on our own.

More streamline inclusion between the English track and the Israelis. I found that when we entered their classes we became the "American outsiders" instead of being part of the group.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Everything I was looking for in an MBA

The Start-up MBA is everything that I was looking for in an MBA.

The Professors are of an extremely high caliber, and there is a very strong focus on start-up culture and entrepreneurship.

Tel Aviv is an amazing place to live, with an incredible night life and an unmatched start-up scene.

The Technion is known as "The MIT of the Middle East," and it's an internationally recognized school with an extremely prestigious name.

The material itself is hard, but interesting. The program requires a lot of hard work, but really prepares the student for a future in entrepreneurship or working in high-level management at a start-up.

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