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Why choose Trama Textiles?

TRAMA Textiles is a 100% worker-owned womenâ??s weaving cooperative in Guatemala. We use traditional Mayan techniques to make beautiful, high-quality products, and provide a sustainable income to over 400 women and their families.

TRAMA Textiles is organized into 17 weaving groups, from five regions in Guatemalaâ??s western highlands. The co-op was formed in 1988 as a direct result of the devastating Guatemalan Civil War after many membersâ?? husbands, fathers, and brothers were killed or â??disappeared.â?


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Great experiences

Hello, I worked as a volunteer at Tramatextiles for three months from the end of January to April 2020. I had never worked as a volunteer before. I have not studied any training in these areas. I was shown basic Photoshop steps. That's how I learned to edit pictures. I was allowed to contribute to the design of the pictures. I took photos on white backgrounds, flatlays and other images for the e-commerce platforms and social media channels. Photos were also taken of me. I was able to design and upload some pictures for Pinterest. I update the inventory using Excel. I packed ordered goods and made invoices in the store in Xela. If you have ideas, Trama Textiles is quite open and you can implement them. I was able to take away a lot of my time in Tramatextiles. I learned basic steps from Adobe Photoshop and Excel. I was able to train my eye better while taking photos. I was able to try out a lot while taking pictures and playing with the colors. I was able to improve my English and Spanish and got an insight into the work of NGOs. I also got an insight into weaving. I learned that weaving is very important in Guatemala. Each shape or animal has a different meaning. I also learned to weave my own table runner.
As Tramatextiles-team we went out to eat, got to know xela better, went to trivia nights, went for coffee together, did a potluck, did photo shoots, etc. If you would like to get an insight into how NGOs and online shops work, then I can recommend Trama Textiles. Xela is also good for learning Spanish. There are several Spanish schools. At the weekend you can go on volcanoes, go to the lake or the beach or you can get to know Xela better.
Thank you tramatextiles. I had a great time!



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