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We offer teens the opportunity to grow through international travel. We offer humanitarian/service trips, and trips that are meant to foster growth through adventure and self-discovery. If you are interested in teen travel abroad Travel For Youth travels abroad with high standards.
Travel is powerful. Done right, it can sometimes be hard and uncomfortable, but it changes you. It gives you empathy for all different kinds of people, cultures, and religions. It inspires gratitude, kills entitlement, and instills in you a deep responsibility to be a better global citizen. Traveling boosts your confidence to do hard things and gives you the courage to do big things.
Come home Different, Come Home Better
Change through travel doesn’t magically happen because you left the country. TFY takes the Olympic gold in safe, intentional, life-changing travel. Every piece of each itinerary—every. teeny. tiny. detail—is carefully vetted and crafted to instill powerful change.



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