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Why choose Verto Education?


This is your time to see the world, learn about yourself, and make epic memories in the process! With Verto, you’ll do all that and more, while staying on track to graduate in 4 years.

With Verto, you can:
* Start college in England, Italy, Spain, and more! 
* Earn two semesters of official college credits.
* Take courses based on hands-on learning & cultural immersion.
* Enjoy direct admission & seamless transfer to a U.S. college

Walk away with the confidence, self-awareness, and global perspective needed to thrive in college and in life!

Scholarships and grants are available for all programs.


Verto Opportunity Grant & Verto Scholars Award

The Verto Education Opportunity Grant ($5,000-$14,000) can reduce tuition by as much as 72%. Funding is awarded based on Expected Family Contribution (determined by the FAFSA). Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to qualify.

The Verto Scholars Award ($5,000) is offered to incoming students based on their high school GPA. Applicants with a GPA of 3.5 or higher will automatically be given a Verto Scholars Award.

$5,000 - $17,000


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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Experience

I have had such a good experience so far with Verto Education in Seville Spain. I have been able to travel throughout Spain and Europe on the weekends and during breaks. I also have gained real, valuable friendships. Me and my roommate in my host home have gotten so close and we plan to do other trips after finishing our semester. Overall, I have had such a good experience here in Seville, Spain. The city is quite versatile and walkable so there us much to do and you won't get bored. From the Guadalquivir river to all the cafes to the museums and night life, there is always something to do.

  • Travel around Europe
  • Great for experiencing different cultures
  • Beautiful city
  • Smells bad occasionally
  • Staring culture
  • Bland food
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Yes, I recommend this program


I always wanted to study abroad, so when I was given the chance to go to Prague, I snatched it up quick and I haven't regretted it! There is so much beauty in this city, and I've made so many friends here that I plan on keeping for life. I can't state this enough: If you're on the fence about college, join Verto Education!! It has genuinely helped me find myself and understand the world better. Take the plunge!! The experiences you make are ones you'll remember for a life time. You deserve this!!

  • Make friends of a life time
  • Learn about history you've never heard of before
  • The experiences you get here are far beyond what you can get in a classroom
  • Away from friends and family
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Experience!

It's my fifth week here and I am absolutely loving it! I have made so many people from all over and made a lot of great friends. The academic aspect is a bit challenging, but I am getting the hang of it. The staff is also great, super friendly and helpful. It's also super easy to do personal trips outside of the program all around Europe, I've already gone to Croatia and I am heading to Barcelona today! Would definitely recommend this program to anybody who isn't sure if they want to go right into a 4 year or for people that want to travel.

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Yes, I recommend this program


When applying for college I didn’t think that studying abroad was an option for me.
However, after stumbling across the verto program everything changed. Not only was it ten times more accessible than I thought but I was also immediately offered support. So far I have made so many meaningful friendships with both my peers and the staff and I could not be happier. I am now able to further my education while also exploring a wonderful and beautiful city. One thing I love about Prague is especially how safe it is and how amazing the culture is as well. Starting my education with Verto was truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, not only does it provide you with good classes but also many different ways to immerse yourself in the Czech culture. Whether it be through trips with the program or clubs. In the end, I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is looking for college and exploration in one!

  • Great Staff
  • Ability to travel and study
  • A lot of Support
  • It’s so much fun you might not want to leave
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Seville Experience

- [ ] As my second and final semester with Verto comes to an end, I would like to say a few words about the impact that this experience has had on me. Spain was only an after thought for me after arriving at my first semester in Costa Rica. I had heard some of my new best friends talking about ding a second semester in Seville, but at that point, I was pretty sure that I was going to return home to little ol Wichita, Kansas and enrol in community college. I figured that I would have had enough traveling in by December, and that home would be calling my name. But boy am I glad that Seville came along. As the weeks passed in Costa Rica, I quickly realized that I wasnt ready to leave you (the friends that somewhere along the way had become my family) all. I knew I needed more. Upon arriving in Seville, I was worried that I would miss Costa Rica and compare everything to my time there. At first, the differences were apparent, but I quickly realized that this different was providing me with a whole new world of opportunities, experiences, and friendships. The small little Ikea dorm that felt cold at first, soon became filled with pictures and postcards from my weekend trips, and with warm laughter from my new friends. Room 109 will forever have my heart, and the next Vertoans that inhabit it should consider themselves lucky. Although the constant traveling each weekend left me tired and sometimes cranky, I wouldn’t have done anything differently. To the beautiful city of Seville, thank you for welcoming and humbling me at the same time. I finally stopped walking in the bike lanes unknowingl, and my teacher even said that he doesn’t consider me a tourist anymore. I will miss walking through Parque de Maria Luisa every morning on my way to school, and getting blueberries every morning in the Carrefour on my way to class. To the Verto Staff, you all have exceeded my expectations on every level.

  • Lots to do in City
  • Easy access to other countries
  • Nice staff
  • Late dinners and nightlife with early class start times
  • Res hall is slightly far from the city center
  • Lunch is hard to get


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