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Volunteer and Internship Foundation (VAI) Nepal is a women owned and operated foundation that aims to provide meaningful experiences for individual or groups looking to contribute to various community needs in Nepal. We are committed to improving education for girls in poor families of the Lamjung district, located to the West of Kathmandu. We have many programs in and around Kathmandu for volunteers including the Buddhist Monastery English Teaching Program, Women Empowerment Program, Child Care Program and Organic Agriculture Support Program.

In addition to volunteering opportunities, we connect students with local internship programs in Nepal. Because we are based in Kathmandu, we provide these services at a considerable discount to international programs. We can process the applications directly with the pertinent government offices and provide your transportation and housing needs. We specialize in internship programs specially medical electives and veterinary internship. If you a


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I did elephant care volunteering in Chitwan in 2018. volunteer and internship foundation help me to choose this program. i really enjoy with elephants. In the first day they brief me about elephant , and from second day as my program is already set, i wake up early in the morning and go to elephant stable feed them care them . I help to make food for elephant and also help make paper by elephant dung in my volunteering week.


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