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Our objective is to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere while you Discover Patagonia through your five senses.

We want to share our passion for Patagonia, inviting you to touch, feel, flavour, listen and see. This magical area full of flora, fauna, people, history and great cuisine is to be enjoyed; why not enjoy it with us?

We are here to make your journey a unique and unforgettable experience.


Avenida Antonio Rojo 62
El Chaltén
Santa Cruz


Yes, I recommend this program

A great introduction to the epic landscapes of Patagonia. This is a vast country, so our trip could only fit in the best highlights; however we managed to pack a lot into a few days.

The Petito Merano glacier is a 'must see' - quite awe-inspiring in its scale. I also loved our walk in the Fitzroy NP. Fortunately the clouds cleared to reveal these towering peaks. Our guides Zoe and Pablo were great guides who introduced us to the landscapes, wildlife, food and culture of this amazing country.

Yes, I recommend this program

This trip is a super way to dabble your toes into some of the greatness and splendor in Argentina's renown Southern Patagonia area. You get to see and have a taste of many things, from lakes and flamingoes to glaciers and mountains, to desert landscapes and archeology -- all in a few short days!

Walk Patagonia does a superb organizational job, supplying lunches and snacks, making sure stops are well-planned and timed, and arranging lodging that is comfortable.

One of the great things about this type of trip, which I experienced before this precise itinerary was put together, was the combination -- a true palette of surprises that just leaves you drooling for more.

For anyone considering the trip: Take waterproof gear and footwear! And a mix of items for both warm and cold weather. You can always layer and nobody will care if you wear the same thing just about everyday!

My goal is to return to Chalten for 4 or 5 days and then have the luxury of time to wait for the best weather to do long day treks. And now I know what to expect and where I want to return based on this trips smorgasbord of experiences.

What would you improve about this program?
Certainly Walk Patagonia is never responsible for the sometimes fickle weather in the area -- on our mid-autumn trip we had AMAZING weather with heart-stopping views -- but then a rainstorm moved in for our one-night backpack leaving us unable to do the final trek up to Laguna de los Tres -- the highlight I had been just waiting for. I only wish the team could have eyed the forecasts and perhaps moved things around a bit since backpacking in the rain and cold wasn't so pleasant.

In addition, we arrived at camp soaking wet with no real warmth in the group dome tent to dry anything, although the staff did the best they could to keep us distracted, entertained and fill our tummies with warm food.

In addition, in the Walk Patagonia team's efforts to make sure we got to see it all, it sometimes felt rushed -- not leaving any time to just walk around the town, enjoy a hotel's amenities, or shop for a few souvenirs or gifts and enjoy the local culture more leisurely.
Yes, I recommend this program

It was a really good adventure overall with Walk Patagonia. The combination between a world's tourism attraction such as Perito Moreno together with a trek along the Fitz Roy in Los Glaciares NP is perfect for anyone going to South Patagonia for the first time. The nature experience is impressive all along the tour and the team was also very helpful and looked after us very well. They even prepared a cake on my birthday at the camp in front of the Fitz Roy :).
There is not many international places in this world I am sure I will travel back, but Patagonia is certainly one of them. And I will definitely visit Zoe, Pablo and the rest of the team at Walk Patagonia.

What would you improve about this program?
Due to the bad weather, we could not trek to the Laguna de los Tres. Patagonian weather has this (we were in early season) ... and of course this is also part of the beauty of the place. So, next time, I would like to have sun on that day :).
Yes, I recommend this program

I'm usually a solo traveler, but am so glad I joined Walk Patagonia for this tour. You'll see so much more of Patagonia this way, and the guides speak fluent Spanish to help at any restaurants or stores. They have also lived in the region for a long time so were able to recommend the best dishes to try.

Camping in the mountains was one of my favorite outdoor experiences I've ever had! I loved bonding with the group as we hiked miles around the beautiful area. The company went ahead and brought some of our gear up ahead of us and set up our tents so we could focus on relaxing after a long day.

What would you improve about this program?
Yes, I recommend this program

Pretty much a custom designed program
Very well coordinated till the smallest detail: drop off at the public bus, pick up etc..., including the Torres del Paine portion of the trip, which was self-guided.
Private room in every hostel. The refugios in Torres del Paine are surprisingly comfortable. Dinner way above average
The Walk Patagonia Team was very personable and attentive. Felt really pampered

What would you improve about this program?
Include the packed lunch into the price? It was quite a hassle to plan it daily. Expensive and a disaster for a vegetarian


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