How big was your class size? What was the school like?

Posted by Sabra Coffman 7 years 8 months ago


My class size when I was in Guatemala with Maximo Nivel (June 2014) was 4 people including myself. This size changed as people came and went but the maximum I had in my class was 4.

I have travelled through Central and South America and tried different Spanish schools in other countries (Panama, Colombia, Bolivia) but I thought my time in Guatemala with Maximo Nivel was the best - great teachers, small class sizes, clear accents, nice location and very economical prices,

My class size varied a bit during the six weeks I took Spanish lessons there (June/July 2015), but it was either 3 or 4 people including myself. The school itself is split up in two different buildings which are very close to each other (about 100m apart) and contain roughly 20 classrooms in total. One building has a nice garden, while the other one has a pleasant roof terrace. The atmosphere is great, with extremely helpful and alltogether fun staff and lots of activities organized by Maximo Nivel as well. I would definitely choose Maximo again if I'd go back to reinforce my Spanish!