Spanish Immersion in La Antigua, Guatemala!
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Spanish Immersion in La Antigua, Guatemala!

Maximo Nivel offers our unique Native Spanish Program for intensive Spanish language training. Situated in beautiful Guatemala, Maximo Nivel is not a typical Spanish School. We are an executive language center offering the most intensive and effective Spanish courses in Latin America. We employ only the most experienced native Spanish instructors, all of them actual teachers—either certified in teaching Spanish as a foreign language or with their Bachelors and/or Masters in Education.

Please visit our website to learn more about our Native Spanish Program in Guatemala, and to apply directly online.

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Hello! It depends on which country you are interested in but generally speaking we recommend $50-$70 per week for spending money on daily lunches, snacks, and transportation. If you are interested in buying souvenirs or doing tours, we recommend more than this ($100-$200 per week depending on the tours you are interested in).
Yes, it’s certainly worth it. You could opt for a program where you have classical (approx. 4 students per class) lessons in the morning (9AM-1PM) and return in the afternoon for individual classes (2PM-4PM), which would still leave you plenty of time to explore the town and its surroundings in the evenings and weekends. I did a 6-week stay in the summer of 2015 with only the classical lessons in...
My class size varied a bit during the six weeks I took Spanish lessons there (June/July 2015), but it was either 3 or 4 people including myself. The school itself is split up in two different buildings which are very close to each other (about 100m apart) and contain roughly 20 classrooms in total. One building has a nice garden, while the other one has a pleasant roof terrace. The atmosphere is...
In our Native Spanish Program, all of our classes are taught by experienced, certified, native Spanish instructors.

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Poco a poco!

Poco a poco is what my spanish teachers at Maximo Nivel in Antigua Guatemala often told me. Little by little, step by step, that is how you learn. I studied Spanish through Maximo Nivel for 6-ish weeks this year. I started off doing 4 hours of group and 2 hours of 1:1 every day with two different teachers. However, as I was also volunteering at times and traveling during other times, Maximo Nivel worked with me in creating a more flexible schedule to accommodate my studies and my adventures. In fact, a few of these adventures were hosted by the school! Their flexibility and group trips are just a few of the perks they offer. As I mixed up my hours and my teachers, I finally found a good mix of study and play for my daily routine. To make it better, I got to know many of the amazing teachers who all have something unique to offer. Struggling with listening? Work with Sandra. Need to practice more conversation in real-life settings around town? Visit Aracely. Want to fine tune your grammar? Talk to Margarita. And this is just to name a few of them! As flexible and knowledgeable as the teachers were, so were the front office staff. Always there to help for anything you need. It also doesn't hurt that casa 1 and casa 2 are nice buildings with beautiful gardens and stunning rooftop views. I arrived with basic Spanish and left intermediate. I want to be fluent and plan on going back next year to continue my studies with Maximo Nivel! This trip left a special mark on my heart and I don't know that I would have had the same experience with a different program.

Yes, I recommend

Antigua Guatemala

It was great time here with very friendly and healpful team and the teacher was amazing. She try to do the best for help me with spanish. The class was very small which means that the teacher had a lots of time to explain us everything and also she took us on trip to macadamia farm where we had tour in spanish as well. So we could practice in real life. I have to say that I have only great experiences.

Yes, I recommend

First Time Studying Spanish Abroad from Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Florida

There are no words to describe how awesome this program is, as well as the location in Antigua, Guatemala. This was by far one of the best language and cultural learning experiences of my life. My only regret was that I did not book for a longer stay but since this was something I was doing for the first time and I came by myself I opted for a short time frame. I did the one week intensive Spanish Immersion Program with 4 hours of private instruction every day. 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. In addition, I opted to stay with a local Guatemalan family to futher enhance my learning and I was truly blessed with the most wonderful family. Finally, the school also offers many other daily activities and tours that you can sign up for to really experience the beauty of this country. I took a Salsa and Guatemalan cooking class. The school has a very well run and organized progam. The staff and teachers are AMAZING and willingly tailor to meet the needs of every single student. I highly recommend Maximo Nivel in Antigua. I plan on returning for a longer stay next time.

How can this program be improved?

Everything was excellent. 100 STARS

Yes, I recommend
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Two week class in Antigua

The time I had at Maximo Nivel was spoiled by the unprofessionalism of the staff when I arrived. I was not informed of the meeting on the first day for induction at 7.30am, so when I arrived at 9am the staff were confused and asked me to come back for induction at 5.30pm. At this induction I was asked to complete a reading, writing, listening and speaking exam. After I completed the reading, writing and listening exam, the staff decided that I was at the most basic level of spanish, and due to the time of day, or their overall generall lack of effort, they did not even ask for a speaking exam. This meant I was given a book and a class for a basic learner, even though I have been studying spanish for 2 years.

My teachers during the classes were good and I have no complaints about them. But the people who run the program need to be a lot more professional. I would not recommend Maximo Nivel to any of my friends. To me, they seem more like a business, and less about the welfare or learning of theirm students.

No, I don't recommend

Learn Spanish Cheaply and with the Most Fun!

I simply loved this immersion program. I only did 2 weeks of both group and private classes and it helped a great deal for me to learn the language. I had no prior experience with the language and the 2 weeks has been able to get me where I can understand spanish if spoken slowly. I know if I stayed longer I would have left at least quite fluent at it. The lessons are super easy and fun to learn and the teachers are super patient and fun to interact with! The best experience I had in Guatemala was the immersion classes, I liked it more than the tourists spots in the country!

Yes, I recommend

Spanish Classes in Antigua

I am spending six months in Antigua and I absolutely love it! Everything about this place makes me want to stay and never leave. The people, the city, the projects, and the Spanish lessons. I had the opportunity two experience class with two different teachers who definitely helped me to improve my Spanish skills and become more confident in my speaking. I took private lessons with Antonio and then with Margarta, they were both outstanding teachers who I will remember. Antonio gave me the confidence to speak and not be afraid to mess up what I say, as he helped to correct me. Margarita helped me broaden my vocabulary and build up my sentence structure. Both teachers have such amazing personailties and are there to do whatever it takes to help you succeed. I would highly recommend taking language lessons during your time, no mater what level you are at it will make a difference for the better.

How can this program be improved?

It is great as is!

Yes, I recommend

Maximo Nivel for Maximal goals

I came to Maximo Nivel at Alto Basico level and reached Intermediate level in 3.5 weeks. My expectations were high since I had little time. In conjunction with my work, the teacher's dedication and the front desk help and support, this has been an extremely productive stay. Everyone was super accessible and available to answer questions and/or respond to concerns/needs quickly. The school has extremely dynamic and outgoing employees. I will continue with online classes to maintain my levels of Spanish and looking into in the future to enroll in TEFL and/or volunteer work because I know I'm at the right place to make a difference along with my Friends at Maximo Nivel. I really felt the team's support and we worked together to make this happen! My kind of people!

How can this program be improved?

Maximo Nivel has the all resources needed, students can expect high levels or professionalism and dedication, " just ask, you'll receive :)"

Yes, I recommend

Great time in La Antigua at Maximo Nivel

I had a great time at Maximo Nivel in La Antigua!!!
I had two weeks of group classes with Sandra who is an experienced and very good teacher. I also had private classes with Margarita who is also a brilliant teacher.
Overall I can say that my Spanish has approved a lot. The teachers are wonderful and very supportive and the organisation is also very good.
Thank you again for everything and hasta pronto :)

Yes, I recommend
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Learning Spanish in Guatemala

I took Spanish in Antigua Guatemala and I loved it. My teacher was excellent and I learned more everyday and was able to not just write and read Spanish, but I was actually able to practice speaking a lot.
Anigua is a beautiful city and I loved studying Spanish with a view of the volcanos.
It is a difficult course and be prepared to study and work hard! but your teacher will be very helpful and also all the new friends you make here will be able to study with you along the way!

Yes, I recommend
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Engaging Spanish Classes in Antigua

Over the past 2 months I´ve worked with 2 different Spanish teachers, Sandra & Aracely. Both were warm and friendly from the start. Learning Spanish from these women has been fun and rewarding. Across the months I´ve had to change my schedule around a few times, but Nancy was super helpful with accommodating my schedule. I also was able to enjoy a free Salsa class with a professional local salsa teacher after devouring a giant bowl of delicious guacamole. Highly recommend studying Spanish here at Maximo Nivel!!

Yes, I recommend

Great experience at Maximo Nivel in Antigua, Guatemala

Over the past 2 months I´ve worked with 2 different Spanish teachers, Sandra & Aracely. Both were warm and friendly from the start. Learning Spanish from these women has been fun and rewarding. Across the months I´ve had to change my schedule around a few times, but Nancy was super helpful with accommodating my schedule. I also was able to enjoy a free Salsa class with a professional local salsa teacher after devouring a giant bowl of delicious guacamole.

Antigua is a charming city to spend time in and get your feet wet on your trip to Central America. Maximo was very organized and program participation included airport pickup. I lived with a Guatemalan family and enjoyed the cultural exchange. This program doesn´t offer as many free activities in the afternoons as other programs, but it´s easy to find stuff to do in and around Antigua. I really enjoyed working with my teachers (Antonio and Sandra). They were always patient and enthusiastic and genually passionate about teaching. Overall, I had a great time at Maximo Nivel. Highly recommend studying Spanish here at Maximo Nivel!!

How can this program be improved?

Nothing I can think of - the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. The cost is higher than comparable programs but the support at Maximo is extensive.

Yes, I recommend
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I have been studying Spanish here at Maximo Nivel in Antigua, Guatemala for the past couple of weeks, and it has been a great experience. The staff that organize and run the programs are so welcoming, energetic, and fun! The instructors are very well educated, and they always incorporate different and fun learning experiences throughout each class. I have taken other Spanish language programs before, and by far this one has been the most immersive and exciting one!

Yes, I recommend
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Spanish: Alto Basico

Throughout my seven weeks here, I took two weeks of private Spanish lessons. My first week I had Reyna as a teacher. Reyna is very approachable and friendly. The only issue I had with her, is that she was unable to answer the majority of my questions- whether it was an explanation or a definition- she did not know the answer. I had enough of a background where I was able to piece things together, but I should not have had to do that alone without the help of my teacher. On the other hand, during my second week of classes I had Sandra, and she was perfect. She knew enough English to help me understand why, and how everything was used. She was easy to talk to, and Spanish conversation came easily. We talked about ourselves, our interests, current politics in both America and Guatemala. Overall, she was a great teacher.

Yes, I recommend

A wonderful immersive experience

Maximo Nivel's Antigua Guatemala spanish immersion program was a joy - it is well run, the staff is knowledgeable and fun, and it seemed like everyone at Maximo Nivel bent over backwards to make sure my stay was enjoyable and meaningful. My only minor complaint is the classrooms in building two can be challenging due to constant noise in the hallway. A minor issue overall. I will definitely go back and would strongly recommend the program to my friends and family.

How can this program be improved?

partner with a different outfitter so students have a choice.

Yes, I recommend

Good times at Maximo!

From the beginning, Maximo has been extremely helpful with all my questions about traveling to and around Guatemala. I am currently taking a group Spanish class at Maximo. I have an hour each day with Aracely and I'm having a great time. She is experienced and her energy makes learning Spanish fun! Through the group classes, I have improved my Spanish and met so many awesome people from all over the world. Let the adventure continue, adios!

Yes, I recommend

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