How were you able to meet some of the locals?

Posted by Kayleigh Coombs 2 years 1 month ago


Putting yourself out there. If you are out at a bar, restaurant, etc going up and talking to people...join or gym maybe!

I wanted to do some volunteer work so I reached out to someone at CAPA who could get me in contact with different organizations and non-profits in the community - so I was able to meet locals through that.

Honestly, don't be afraid to use Bumble, Bumble Friends, Tinder, or any sort of app like this and can plan group dates or what not.

So many ways to meet people and locals are so friendly. Main thing is, don't be afraid to put yourself out there!!!

Hi Kayleigh,

Thanks so much for your question. CAPA offers a number of different opportunities to meet locals throughout the program individually and through group activities. Examples of ways students get to meet and interact with locals include participating in an internship, volunteering, co-hosted events with the University of Sydney, taking part in pub trivia (a popular local pastime), and options to join local classes or clubs.

If you would like to learn more about CAPA Sydney programs, please reach out to us to schedule an advising session:

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