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CAPA Sydney: Study & Intern Abroad

Sydney is just like the Koala bear that comes to mind when you think of Australia. They’re both independent, wise, laid back, and super cute (but don’t worry—the city won’t sleep for 22 hours of the day leave the other 2 for eating). Be carefree as you spend a day on Bondi Beach, or head to your internship to get hands-on experience in your major. Even though the main language is English, don’t think that you won’t get a taste of a different culture when you study abroad in Sydney. The excellent school you’ll attend will help you find your independence in a setting where you’ll be comfortable and challenged at the same time.

Get out of the typical classroom and turn your study abroad city into a place you can learn from. CAPA specializes in customizing your experience— from everything to what classes you’re interested in to what kind of housing you’ll live in. Our internships will give you the skillsets you’ll need to succeed in you’ll need to succeed in your career.

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The program fee includes tuition, housing, optional internship placement, local transportation pass, overnight stay at Taronga Zoo, My Global City events, insurance, and CAPA support and services including a 24-hour emergency phone line.

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I had an amazing three months abroad in Sydney and I cannot recommend enough the amazing opportunity that is studying abroad. I learned a lot about myself as well as the US from being in Australia, which gave me a worldly perspective. CAPA provided fun educational-excursions, such as trips to the Blue Mountains and to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney where I slept overnight in the zoo, called the "Roar and Snore". I gained confidence in travelling and meeting new people. Overall an incredible experience that I wish everyone could get.

How can this program be improved?

There are strict rules about attending all classes.

Yes, I recommend
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While studying abroad in a country so far away from my own, I gained a new sense of independence and confidence from going abroad and by going outside of my comfort zone. I met so many people that are now amazing friends! The opportunities for travel and adventure are limitless! CAPA was by my side providing support and resources whenever needed. I gained so many experiences from my time abroad, from the amazing places I was able to travel to, as well as being able to live in and experience a different country was all incredible and I have memories that I will cherish forever!

Yes, I recommend
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Once in a lifetime, amazing opportunity!

very manageable classes. most of my "academic" time was spent on my internship.

Everyone with CAPA and my school quick to answer questions and guide us.

The apartment I lived in was great as far as space and location go, however I did not feel that I was very compatible with my roommates.

the food in Sydney was so yummy. CAPA provided a lot of snacks and many events which included feeding up delicious food.

my internship helped a lot to meet locals! My friends and i also went to community events which enables us to meet people who were local.

I never felt unsafe.

the cost of living was very high in Sydney!

Going to Sydney allowed me to become more independent. As a commuter, I had never really been away from home prior to this experience. I was able to push myself outside of my comfort zone and make incredible memories while gaining experience for my resume!

I learned travel skills, cultural competency, how to live on my own, how to deal with homesickness, how to make new friends, and most importantly pushed myself outside my comfort zone several times.

How can this program be improved?

not many improvements to be made. My internship was not exactly what I expected, but it still looked good on paper.

Yes, I recommend
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You can't put a price tag on the most valuable college experience.

CAPA was an amazing program and I am so glad I went abroad on their Sydney program. I chose CAPA mostly because they set students up with and internship rather than forcing the students to find one on their own. CAPA paired me perfectly with my internship at a Public Relations firm in Sydney's central business district; I had a great time getting to know my local coworkers and I learned so much about my field with hands on professional work. The coursework I had through CAPA was not difficult as long as you applied yourself and the professors were always willing to help. While abroad, I learned how important intercultural communication is both personally and professionally. The more you are exposed to the rest of the world's culture, the more open and adaptable you become to other's beliefs and ideas. I believe going abroad was one of the most valuable experiences I have been apart of thus far and I am so glad CAPA was with my every step of the way.

How can this program be improved?

I wish there would have been a greater opportunity to integrate with locals.

Yes, I recommend
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Mates For Life

I cannot swim but when I was offered the chance to go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef I frighteningly accepted. I went there with Joy a girl I had gotten close to in the program and she helped me through the water and remaining calm throughout the experience. I was able to see beautiful fish in the ocean a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. I faced my fears and made an amazing friend in the process.
CAPA was a great program that landed me an internship and helped me break out of my comfort zone. While it was never perfect down under it was a great experience and I will miss all the friends I made in Sydney.

How can this program be improved?

I think that the housing situation could be improved because I was housed with 7 other people it was cramped and the kitchen was usually messy. Urbanest also charged you for internet and laundry, both which sometimes did not even work. The computers that they had available also never really worked and they did not have a printer.

Yes, I recommend
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CAPA Scavenger Hunt

One of my favorite and first memories from studying abroad with CAPA was a CAPA organized scavenger hunt. The groups were divided, roughly 5 people per group, and we were given sheets of paper with questions and locations. Opal cards in hand, our group attempted the buses and trains to go from Haymarket (Chinatown) to the CAPA center to the CBD. It was really fun, and my group actually won-earning us free tickets to see Othello at the Sydney Opera House. It was a really great way to get to know the city and our fellow students.

How can this program be improved?

The program could be a couple weeks longer. 3 months is a great time, but I know I could have stayed longer!

Yes, I recommend
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Doing a study abroad program with CAPA was one of the biggest mistakes I made in my career in college thus far! Horrible, incompetent, selfish, lazy, and egotistical are a few of the words I would use to describe some of the teachers in the program. I felt as if I downgraded in my education in college by an unacceptable amount through CAPA to the point I felt I was in high school again. I could have learned everything I learned in my semester abroad from one or two good tour guides on a one day tour of Sydney.

Response from CAPA The Global Education Network

Hi there. We’re sorry to hear that you were disappointed in your program, and we are very concerned about the issues you’ve raised. CAPA upholds a strong commitment to academic rigor through comprehensive courses taught by qualified professors who are thought leaders in their respective fields. When issues in classes arise, our instructors are always there to work one-on-one with students to help them through any difficulties. We encourage you to speak with us directly so that we can resolve these issues to give you the best experience possible, so please feel free to contact us any time by emailing [email protected] Thank you!

No, I don't recommend
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CAPA Study Abroad: Sydney Australia

My study abroad experience with CAPA forever changed me as a person both physically and mentally for the better. It would've sounded a little funny to say that before I had left for Australia not knowing all the amazing times and challenges I was going to face. But I am thankful I chose a program that went above and beyond any expectations I had; from the student apartment accommodations that were conveniently located by class and work to all of the excursions and cultural activities we engaged in on a weekly basis I being blown away by CAPA and Australia simultaneously. Choosing to go abroad can be a challenging time for people with all the new sights and sounds, but I never felt lost or out of place with all of the resources CAPA made available to me. From getting tips on some of the best local cuisine to buy to showing me ways to improve my internship skills I thoroughly grew stronger as a person and student under CAPA's help.

Yes, I recommend

Easy, Fun, and Excellent Experience Abroad

This program is a great choice. I loved that housing, transportation, classes, and your internship placement is fully handled by CAPA. Activities are planned throughout the semester, and the CAPA staff does their best to make sure you're enjoying your semester as best as possible. There are plenty of opportunities to travel, as well as explore Sydney. There is so much to do in the city, especially if you go during the summer when the beaches are open. The program offers relevant classes, places you in an internship that suits your career goals, and leaves plenty of time for fun. You'll get to meet other Americans on the trip, some even from your home university.

Yes, I recommend

The chance of a lifetime-the best three months of my life!

My time abroad in Sydney was beyond my wildest dreams. I have been back in the states for six months and Australia is still all I talk about-ask my parents or any of my family and friends! I think of Sydney as my home now, and I long for the day I can go back. I knew I would love studying abroad, but I had no idea how significant of an impact it would have on my life. I hope all students take advantage of this incredible opportunity to go abroad and challenge themselves.

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! The CAPA Sydney program allowed me to gain professional experience, independence, cultural awareness and much more. I learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. After studying abroad and living independently in a foreign country for more than three months, I am confident that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I cannot wait for my next Australian adventure and look forward to moving back and working and living there one day.

I loved my CAPA classes and my educational experience while I was abroad. I felt challenged by my courses but not overwhelmed, and I feel like I was able to learn a lot about the Oceania region through my classes. While I did had projects and papers to complete, I did not feel like my workload was too intense and I was confident in my ability to complete my work on time. The resources and support that CAPA offered me were a tremendous help as I learned to navigate the education system abroad. If I needed help with anything, from finding a fax machine or printer to navigating the online submission system, CAPA staff were always willing to help me and ensure that I had all the resources I needed to succeed. I felt like I had a really good balance of class assignments, internship duties and free time. I still had plenty of time to explore Australia and integrate myself into the culture, but my studies came first. I will always remember the help and support that my professors provided me with and the neat experiences I had within the classroom. My overall educational experience far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend CAPA to students who want to have an educational experience that enables them to interact with their host city and country.

I felt like I always had a safe place to go if I had questions or any concerns while in Australia. The CAPA support staff always encouraged students to stop by the office just to chat or try a yummy Australian snack. If I needed help finding a printer or fax machine, I could go there, and if I were to have had any issues, I am confident they would have helped me. It was so lovely to feel so welcome and at ease in a foreign country. The CAPA support staff planned many fun, optional activities for students as well-my favorite was the food crawl through Newtown! I have never ate in one evening ever, but it was so worth it and a wonderful bonding experience!

I really liked the Urbanest apartments we were assigned. They were much better than I expected, with many amenities I really appreciated it, including a fitness center, computers and laundry room. The apartments were really nice and very big-especially the kitchen and the living room. I was surprised by how big they were! I always felt very safe in my urbanest and I enjoyed my living experience and getting to know my roommates! I'm a country girl, born and raised, so living in the city was an incredible experience for me. I never felt homesick or culture shock, but rather Sydney felt like home, like somewhere I had belonged my entire life.

The food in Sydney was absolutely to-die for. I have never eaten such a variety of cuisine from around the world! On every street, there is a dazzling variety of food-from fast food staples to Thai, Mexican, Spanish, South American, Chinese, Italian and everything in between. One of the neatest things about Australia is that the country does not have a lot of chain restaurants. In America, we have Applebees, IHOP and a million other sit-down restaurants you can find across the country, but in Australia, almost every cafe and restaurant is independently-owned and operated, often times by families. I absolutely loved this, because I never knew what to expect and the menu was always different, featuring delicious food that I had not tried before. I must say Sydney's bacon&egg rolls easily became my favorite food of all time. I highly recommend stopping by a breakfast cafe (Newtown's Cafe in Newtown is my top choice) and trying a bacon & egg roll with barebeque sauce. I miss that meal everyday-it was my go-to while I was in Australia!

Australians are so friendly and welcoming in general, so I felt it was easy for me to integrate with the culture and meet Australian friends. I have some lifelong friends in Australia now, including some of my co-workers from my internship! I definitely did a lot of exploring in the small towns and suburbs in order to get a feel for everyday Australian life. There is always something going on, and it's easy to get involved and meet Australians, whether it be at the Manly Beach Surf Competition or the weekly markets in Glebe.

I think about going back and repeating this amazing experience all the time. It was absolutely incredible to go to school, work and live in Australia, and it has completely changed my future. I want to move back one day. Studying abroad in Australia was always a dream of mine, and accomplishing it was absolutely incredible. Going abroad and traveling and experiencing another culture inspired me to always shoot for the stars and achieve my dreams-I want to continue living an extraordinary life and I look forward to the future. CAPA Sydney was the perfect mix of support and independence-I truly felt like I was a professional adult, working in Sydney and taking classes. I felt so independent, with my own apartment, grocery shopping, money management and much more. I feel like, now that I lived across the world successfully and independently, I can do anything! I would love the chance to do it all over again, but I know I will be going back one day because Sydney is now home for me.

How can this program be improved?

Perhaps by including more excursions for students who want to travel a bit farther or maybe even an overnight trip or two!

Yes, I recommend
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CAPA = Forever Impressed

CAPA, Legitimately the best experience I have ever had. CAPA was so helpful and planned so many AMAZING fun events for us to do ranging from FOOD CRAWLS for FREE (who doesn't love that) to up close and personal in the Opera House, to PRIVATE Screenings of movies, to hiking trips and getting up close and person with a KOALA! :) How many of you can actually say you have done that in your life :) CAPA Staff is absolutely incredible people and will forever stay in your heart for days, months and years to come. CAPA is interested in not only making sure you have the best experience abroad, but also ensuring your safety and security while you are away from home. They are concerned about that lovely stuff. The people you will also meet are incredible. The internship/classes are amazing and awesome of learning aspects and help you open your horizons to how many amazing things are out in this world. The accommodations are like living on a college campus and make you feel so at home seeing so many other college students around! I would recommend everyone to go take a trip with CAPA! If you want to make the best of your trip, the only people who can do that is CAPA International Study Abroad Program! :)

Yes, I recommend
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The best investment you'll ever make.

I spent three months living, studying, and interning in Sydney. The academic side of the program was not rigorous, as we were only completing a writing minor for our home institution. Two days of the week were spent in "class." Wednesdays' were spent in the classroom and Fridays classes were spread out throughout Sydney; a walking tour of Circular Key, a hike at the Q Station, and tours of museums. The rest of the week was spent interning at our respective internship site. I spent my three months interning at Cancer Council NSW, and it was the best experience. I was able to help the Events Department planning Seven Bridges Walk. I wish I had been able to spend more time in Sydney, because it truly felt like home!

How can this program be improved?

More opportunities to travel outside of NSW.

Yes, I recommend
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Take the leap down under!

I did the CAPA program Fall 2015. The program was well put together and organized, and really nothing went wrong. Everyone was professional and helpful both in the US and abroad, which put me at ease being abroad and being in the program. I went with CAPA because of the opportunity to intern abroad in my major. I had a great placement at a physiotherapy office where I learned a lot. The included excursions we had were hiking in the Blue Mountains, a wildlife walkabout park, and going to a Rugby game! All were really fun and there were no hidden fees in them. I hear there's a new excursion with an overnight experience at Taronga Zoo- that sounds so awesome! I also really appreciated the included transportation pass. For anyone interested in interning abroad I strongly recommend CAPA Sydney as they matched everyone in relevant internships and check in to make sure everything is going well, and in the end you could get a great recommendation for jobs/grad school.

How can this program be improved?

I think the areas of improvement could be covering the cost to get to the apartments from the airport when you arrive, and some kind of food budget. I think they had one in years prior and I wish it was still in existence since then students with scholarships could receive food money included in that.

Yes, I recommend
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Life Changing Experience

My overall experience in the city of Sydney through the CAPA program was amazing. While abroad I had an internship that CAPA found. This internship was picture perfect for my major. I learned so much and made so many friends that I never thought I would have because of CAPA. The only thing I wish this program did a little better was their touring of the city. While on the trip there were CAPA sponsored trips to the Blue Mountains, a Wildlife park, and even a food crawl around Newtown. Although these were fun, I do wish there were more trips. I found that as the weeks went on I became more and more overwhelmed with what I wanted to do/see. The trip as a whole was incredible and I highly recommend anyone who is looking to study abroad to look at CAPA first.

Yes, I recommend
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Life in Sydney

I quite literally had the best time of my life down in Australia. The best time ever was celebrating my birthday. Many people gathered, from within the program, to help me celebrate. The people I also worked with in my internship also brought cake and wished me a happy birthday. It was honestly the sweetest thing anyone has done for me, especially since the majority of the people that helped plan my birthday party I literally had only met a few weeks prior. Another thing to top off that weekend, was the fact that I was also able to go to a nature preserve in which I saw a several different kinds of animals including kangaroos, dingoes, bats, etc. Which has been a huge dream of mine ever since I was a kid.

How can this program be improved?

I didn't really have any problems with the program itself. The requests of the program weren't unreasonable. The people who worked for the program were really nice and easy to talk too. I can honestly say in my belief that the program was perfect.

Yes, I recommend

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