What is the best SAI apartment to live in and why?

Posted by Bailey Schreck 6 years 11 months ago


There's no guarantee which apartments SAI will be able to secure for their students, because they're all authentic Roman entities! However, the company SAI works with for housing is very good, and most apartments are within 10 minutes from either JCU campus.

Sai offers premium housing every semester that offers a more central location and often newer interiors. It does cost extra money, but those are the best apartments. However, all the apartments are great! Sai does a great job of getting apartments in the area and they're all nice. The farther you get from JCU usually the larger the apartments. The closer you are normally it's slightly less space but more centrally located. It all depends on what you'd prefer. I also don't know if you can request a specific apartment or not. But if you're looking for the nicest ones and are willing to pay extra premium is the way to go!