What do you enjoy most about Ireland ?

Posted by Bria Howell 4 years 6 months ago


To answer the question, "what do you enjoy most about Ireland?" Is difficult to express in just words, because I loved it so much. My study abroad experience was one of the best life experiences I have ever had. Ireland is a beautiful country, with beautifully amazing people. The people of Ireland are such fun, loving, and of welcoming nature. They were always willing to say hi to me, show me a new place to go, and welcome me into their lives. The friend group I made in Ireland during my time at NUI, Galway, is a friend group I know I will have forever. It is such a cool experience to have global friends, and someone to look forward to seeing again either in Ireland, or here in the US.
In addition to this, the amount of cultural experience the west coast of Ireland provided for me was amazing. I had the ability to learn so much about Irish heritage, culture, and people through hands on experiences offered through API and NUI, Galway. I loved my site leader, Finn, she was like a big sister and mentor to my entire API group and helped us all to feel welcomed into one big Irish family.
Many people and experiences made my abroad experience indescribable, so its hard to say just one thing I enjoyed about Ireland, because the list goes on and on.