ISA Study Abroad in Seoul, South Korea

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We don't currently offer any full degree programs. However, we do offer intensive Korean Language programs.

Hi Jenny, We have several shorter term programs that are 4 weeks in length or less. These programs take place during the summer or in January during the "J-term." Here's a link:… If you're looking for programs that are even shorter than this, try checking with your university's study abroad office, if you haven't done...

We believe the answer is yes, any high school student can apply!

The standard age of most student is dependent on the actual program. Obviously for extended programs like the semester abroad, it would have students who are college age, just because they have the ability to be abroad for a semester. I can’t say what the age range was for other programs, but the ages for the South Korea semester abroad was 20 – 28. You have to be a sophomore in college in order...

Hi Dakota, it sounds like the study gap program may be a better fit!

You could consider a full degree abroad.

Hi Melina, Great question! You absolutely can apply. What college are you at? Many community colleges have a study abroad department which should be able to advise you on what credits to take that transfer. Here's a good resource:…