Were you able to find a lot of classes that worked for your university?

Posted by Ann Garza 6 years 2 months ago

I'm nervous about graduating on time and want to know what kind of options they have for getting the right credits! Thanks!


It depends a lot on what your major is! I had 3 of my classes transfer over for class requirements, a language class, religion for a general education class and a film class. The other two classes I took didn't count towards any major, minor or GE credits, but they did count toward my overall credit count.

You should definitely be able to find enough classes that work with your school, and some schools abroad offer more classes than others so it's good to search around for what they all have!

I'm an education major and I knew ahead of time that I would have trouble finding classes so I held back some of my pre-requisite classes during sophomore year in order to take them abroad. The classes that counted for me back at my home institution was my upper level English, Religion, and Music class and then I took Italian and Cooking out of interest.