Were the business classes difficult?

Posted by Riley Howk 3 years 9 months ago


Hi! I took three hospitality classes while I was there (Consumer Behavior in Tourism, Tour Package Management, and Wine Studies and Wine Tourism). I didn't find these classes too difficult, and the homework load was definitely manageable (honestly, not that much at all). Some of my friends who took more business-oriented classes, such as accounting or finance, thought those classes were a bit more difficult. I think the homework-load was more and the class itself was harder. However, all of them ended up doing fine in the class. If you are able, I would recommend taking any business classes that you may need for your home university ahead of time, and save electives for study abroad. That is what I did and it made the experience much better! If you have to take the business classes, it won't be super easy, but I also wouldn't stress too much about taking them. My friends were able to do their classes and travel frequently! Hope this helps and hope you enjoy your semester! I'm so jealous and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!